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Rilke, epitaph

https://youtu.be/xR3UR_Vs5Ho            VIDEO
http://www.alansondheim.org/rilke.mp4   VIDEO

Rose, oh reiner Widerspruch, Lust,
Niemandes Schlaf zu sein unter soviel

( Rose, oh pure contradiction, desire,
To be no one's sleep under so many

trans. by John Mood )

or the search for I's or eyes beneath the stone or within the
remnants of bodies and their taut desires, just as desire itself
is always already at the finesse of tension with itself, in
other words, with tension with others, i.e. those of the Lids,
I's or others, otherwise. +++ the three crosses, of at least one
is before the grave, say less than all, already problematic in
lieu of Rilke's desire. does Rilke 'have' desire. do possessions
rank as lids, do lids define beneath, does, above define lids,
are lids surfaces, are lids boundaries, are boundaries broken,
are manifolds, are lids 'as such,' are lids many. given what is
a single or singular lid.

we were driving through the alps, passing a small wooden sign in
the center divider, look there's a hand-painted message, rilke's
grave, in french or german, the four of us turned off, went up a
hill to the church, no one was there, the grave in the back
against the wall, the wall white, the language was there, was

This part was videotaped at Rilke's Grave in Raran. He and
Sidonie drive all over the place in a car. Rilke advised her not
to marry him. Rilke runs around the early part of the twentieth

Rilke drawn asunder / as under
the devils in Rilke's church
upon the moment of the rose M Rilke

Raron and Rilke.
the devils in Rilke's church
the(ir) lids.


Rilke epitaph video and rilke still
Foofwa d'Imobilite, Maud Liardon, performers

Rilke mocap video and still
Louis Wells, performer, facilitator, conceptions
Augustus Wendell, motion capture, conceptions
Alan Sondheim, motion capture, conceptions
Azure Carter, facilitator, conceptions
Andrew Klobucar, coordinator
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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