[NetBehaviour] quadruped

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 16 03:57:00 CEST 2018


https://youtu.be/EJQ1iFWRpdo VIDEO

the hands constantly flutter; they're uncontrolled, they're
the forelimbs of an inconceivable being. the rest of the body,
well it acts as you might expect, becoming animal, or rather
becoming-other than human, than human animal. so a wide and
prejudicial range, isolating that which in this instance has
constructed a particular performativity in language and
mathematical structure, a lure to which the body responds in
part. all of this is clear in the proscenium of the staged
event, evident in the presentation here which may presage,
in fact and not in fantasy, the future robotic modeling of
earth's remaining organic forms, on any scale they wish.


Jakeia Lorree, performer
Louis Wells, performer, conception
Augustus Wendell, mocap, conception
Alan Sondheim, mocap, conception
Azure Carter, facilitator
Andrew Klobucar, coordinator
STEM+ Residency sponsorship
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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