[NetBehaviour] body of text, textual body, etc etc etc

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Oct 18 00:09:52 CEST 2018

body of text, textual body, etc etc etc


or a renaissance emblem book or standardized measurement

at long last, it's moments like these when the apparatus finally
falls into place that the voice can connect directly with ASCII
and other low-level protocols allowing me to create simply by
speaking so that the lines themselves are created in the sense
of a somatic behavior in other words the body itself
communicating across literally space and time through the
protocols, through the networks, in order to produce something
that's almost in the form of a prayer or supplication another
words a kind of performativity a performative language that
bypasses any necessity for programming or four other forms of
articulation other than that of Standard English which already
has come naturally as the first as the first programming
language that has evolved within me within my body so that is a
speaking animal or is it animal which is articulating through
signs and gestures I'm already halfway there to the Cyborg and
bedding within the ASCII text and its mechanism and its
mechanism. so this is the way of the future or a model of the
future in a sense how so. It's a model of the future because
instead of instead of The Internet of Things One might say it's
the body or somatic calls or cells of things that's what
speaking is an innocence I'm languaging within an arena where I
shouldn't be languaging hopefully I will be able to save or
Salvage what is being referenced here but if not in any case
it's an interesting and unusual experience.

voice to text > cellphone interpreter > transmission > linux
server in manhattan > nano > recorded ascii text

each step became increasingly problematic because of protocol
issues. and it was simple but difficult to set up (for me).

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