[NetBehaviour] Stretched End-Rhymes and Pointless Memory's Difficulty

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 19 23:40:29 CEST 2018

Stretched End-Rhymes and Pointless Memory's Difficulty


The stretched line, the adjective, lending themselves to naught
but the clatter of symbols; time and time again, there comes
a stretch among the words of the world, holding meaning
in a darker form. or one that already erodes at edge and breaks
there, as if time moved faster across boundaries than planes,
or other forms of smoothness. i would argue that memory ties,
that worlds bind, that things span inconceivably dark heights,
binding everything within absurdist tethers or unforeseen
geographies of light and unknown terrains. structure's lost
as language continues across the straits of stressed rhyme.
it be be time accordingly to see what potentially is caught
as if the written always superimposed hands' opposing thumbs
across barrier. from assonance and consonance comes weaning
as accoutrements fly next to times' corrals and dreary stakes.
the weather was fine, you insist; with the coming of rains
though, repetitions charms whatever's forgotten, and lies
above valleys missed forever, their cultures and their sights
awkwardly overextended, the bleak poetics of the final keen,
somewhere dropped upon the appian's cordant way, and tossed -
memories' maelstrom, its form unformed this once and final time.

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