[NetBehaviour] My Romeo di Georgio guitar with new Maestrale Dogal strings

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 22 03:41:31 CEST 2018

My Romeo di Georgio guitar with new Maestrale Dogal strings


These were suggested by Rachel Rosenkrantz; the trebles are
grey-blue. I'm using classical low-tension strings tuned to B,
a fourth lower than standard tuning. Two short improvisations.
I love the sound of the instrument; I think it would take a
recording studio to bring it out fully. (The guitar is from
1949, when the di Georgios were hand-made and signed.)

I want to add: no one else plays like this.
*/no one else wants to play like this/*
I'm working in an entirely new way.
*/it's a dead end/*
I've practiced for over half a century to get here.
*/lots of people have practiced longer/*
*/practice is no guarantee of musicality/*
High-speed transformations and working on memory.
*/speed is child's play and memory is music's foundation/*
I want to be recognized for what I do.
*/join the club/*
*/a lot of people do a lot better with better music/*
I want to add: give me a chance.
*/that train passed a long time ago/*
I want to add: welcome to the club.
*/welcome to the club/*

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