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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 22 22:26:44 CEST 2018



it's come down to this there's nothing else left what what am
I trying to say here but that there is a limited amount of
time where one might be able to eat sleep defecate stand-up
sit-down swim run escape. Right now we're in no position to do
any of this. Right now we're just scared running around a mock
while the regime Titans its grip on the rest of us. It's like
being in the hospital. You have doctors and nurses you have
people were coming to visit. The people who are coming to
visit are generally there are people who are coming to visit a
generally those who are enforcing things. We're frightened of
the enforces. But this is an old story. This is such an old
story. That it's not worth going on about. Instead here I am
I've called hospital I've eliminated any repetitions with in
the hospital. I've come up with the Dimond gem monitored in a
Lotus cup within the ages of the hospital. That's what you're
saying now that's what's going on now. So here it is and you
can forget this silliness at the beginning. My masters have
told me that it's silliness. I have no choice but to obey.

I have no choice but to create the reductive cull:

Put me in the hospital.  circulates hospital panic attack miami.
cannot "i desire" mediarunning away.  tennessee woman
hospitalized after hiding $ , strait-jacketed corroborated
happened (decades later). well, bullets, perhaps this man now -
a narrative sheen, today. What's events knew gone through,
arrest, hospitalization, machismo, health care, street sexism,
policies, inversions, rain, thermal hmo snow, made calls from
train through conductor. I rushed to toothache toe sore muscle.
lived each go hospital, harassment. places. bombed-out hospitals
Assassins come and kill daughters. she thought of bees .s all
around, about flowers. _in-itself,_ wholesale equipment, sorrow,
root? annihilation; there was no ceiling (just lights 1371c1371
< overnight. Healthcare is collapsing NYC; second (on Facebook),
talked playing zurna it's played with monitor sensors managed
corrobrated decades threesome consummated marriage testi fied
attempted suicide, phone ear, calmed office. wife, hour, counted
shows ctronic writing, =A0true love, hospitals, death=A0 (MaJe
saved Everything The 'm sure. Hiroshima exists. How could Odd
working on re: my mother; father's at way why not make hospital?
Hospitals do few people good. When wake increasing. cancers be
will complete her. She Later we went emergency room; having
'flashes' left eye result, wet state; crescendo placing
holographic home hope horizon horizons horses hounded hounding
city itself getting angrier angrier. Our LICH, being bowed
plucked more news sounds amazing. breathing moment brother have
been talking My nose still bent. After Brown, pretty much
transgresses although diseases begging take them i speak
"beautifying" waterfront. beautiful, out again, for years. Mike
Gurstein, who worked attendents doctors elsewhere stack or rack
when don kept sleeping. seems stupid. most work heat, terror
inefficient. while, wanted $rem[1]&$rem[2] etc., --- > Just
ashland hiroshico avoided hild him foa ve seen kimono should use
extreme care her bf has VA she's missed an appointment east
Iliff fired, violent, arrest Connecticut Film worker. multiple
explosions that hit mosque reached murmurs heard last itself,
were again escorted by guard Downstate, which closing LICH They
two crashland what r libtard eye's howling wolves:long cities.
way, woods closed our (mine Azure's) records up sexuality,
death-wound, injury, pain father had pacemaker his cancer, near
Chicago. He describes doors their Most skin exponentially
shikibu kraus tears neurology issues. down so developers own
inarticulateness symptom deliberate abject scene protests recent
months; it todtnauberghtml tohospital tokenbas tolast unnameable
crawls enough sex just aking reporrt going operating box unto
hospitalwent aside thomas chat whenever supposedly world-wide
struggling receiver, imprint whispered missing. obligatory
wound, every exhibition part parcel hospitalization.) _body_ bed
battlefield... (Alan) day face failure, ended So somewhat
unprepared M. Steke- kanji know. Everywhere are signs; pass but
can- Thomas Chat- year (or if hospitalization MUST). days close
friend overdosing. get called nearby animal various
medical/hospital/psychiatric services area as well. tape makes
money, you 25% profits plus hospitalization. broken teeth only
Where cyberspace? goes can't walk, toes numb don't need
hospital." said hurt, animals everywhere world, world giant
holds still, hospice; remain always return mass destruction
nightmare wounded We show battlefield deathbed, intensive they
off floor, leave, lunch sleeps dreamless, did follow-up
phone-call, social inadaptability (the problem hospitalization);
degree only, he couldn't remember anything Take [ call came
friend, **A mine lay filth bed, screaming die painful (overnight
attack):  unknown throat cut taken == ago attack, baptist those
turned away mothers fathers, sons daughters, saz cumbus moved
reside great hell gets shots sense \checked irclog.ex grep sick
dead got friends kicked pay right kind money afford march

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