[NetBehaviour] hospital

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Oct 25 04:42:32 CEST 2018



hospital sounds unmodified, room 1414, the soothing sounds of
many machines, iv drip, monitors, slow breathings, rustlings,
floors and ceilings, windows, doors, corners and tubes, data
cables, power supplies, bedclothes, feedback loop signals,
hallways, patients, nurses, nurses aids, cleaning staff,
doctors, doctors assistants, visitors, participants, timers,
clocks, control matrices, signals, calls, murmurs, the sense of
others, of other selves, accumulations of components and parts,
let's say an atmosphere of human and other cybernetic mixtures,
let's say soft piles of signals and whispers, orders and
alternations, let's say not the body tied into the network, but
the body caressing the network, the trees outside, the rain, the
flowers in the rain, the decaying pier, the timbers, the beams,
let's say then the small growths of soil, the dark waters, the
organic sheens and the accumulating and interpenetrating
microbiomes of the world, the universe breath, the small body in
the small room, the small machines, small corridors and so quiet
shufflings, the small buildings and flights above them, the
small shoreline, the microbiome transferences, the small room
1414, the soothing sounds of many small machines, the body
caressing, the body caressed, the the, the a

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