[NetBehaviour] decenterings, stagings, traces

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Oct 27 00:30:47 CEST 2018

decenterings, stagings, traces

https://youtu.be/fcZwITZHNG0    VIDEO

stretching and separating greater time and space from the
description below, attached to the previous video and stills.
the coagulations, collocations, are similar; the phenomenology
is temporally twisted.

(the previous video: https://youtu.be/P3ydB7bQ7Lw  )
"symbol, index, chora, self, selving, others, worlds, worlding,
world, the tracings beginning to announce the proper names
among them"

"artificially using audio and video echo very long frequency
repetitions: what happens to memory? when do the repeats become
independent of each other? when does the lengthening of time,
much as the lengthening of rhyme (widely separated lines in a
rhymed poem), lead to the breaking of gestalt, independent
appearances, where previously one had the impression or dream of
a continuous real, continuous text? how are we seeing the world
in this regard? is there a model, lurking in the background, for
similarities, parallels, models themselves, in the worlds of
everyday life, repetitious dreams, deja vu, appearances,
familiarities (such as cityscapes, conferences, limbs somewhat
mirroring each other)? in other words - are we living in a world
of part-objects, conglomerations, accumulations, _as if_ there
were somewhat independent and unique objects, but what might be
considered _as if_ ultimately regressing, tracing lineages,
back to a primordial many? and those many? and tracings, once
again, and then? an ontology-epistemology of tracings, where
once as if thought real?"



Augustus Wendell, mocap
Alan Sondheim, mocap, videography
Azure Carter, performer
STEM+ Residency sponsorship
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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