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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 29 03:03:00 CET 2018

broken thought / tests


earlier today I was reading a text by Derrida and it got me to
thinking that what I wanted to say is that my life is not lived
according to my work and my work is not lived according to my
life and it was in the form of an aphorism. I later went out and
the aphorism was completely forgot. I have no idea at this point
how well it sounded what it might have looked like what it might
have appeared like. I kept thinking about Karl Kraus - and
misogyny and then on the other hand to Derrida's eloquence in
the book which I've been reading on post Theory. so I'm stuck
there as it were with a aphorism stuck in my throat that just
won't come out right - something terse and the terser it is the
more it opens up space on the other side of things. there's a
kind of resonance in the language and almost the same way that
electronic interference operates or the image of waves in this
case which produces a whole plethora of attributes, possible
readings. the idea is that work or writing or text or any sort
of cultural production need not be aligned with one's
biographical details or with one's state of mind or with One's
history or even with the way one wants to live one's life. In
other words there are distinctions to be made between the living
of Life, The Living of one's life, and the writing about the
world in General. So you can go in One Direction and the other
direction and they need not be contradictory; on one hand one is
acting out a text mentally as one proceeds through it or through
any cultural production but on the other one is going to ring
lived experience and trying to do the best one can to cope with
the world. These can be wildly disparate and there's no way they
should reflect each other. No matter what we think the idea of
an ethical code of laws or even loose code of behavior something
that is written down, something that in here's to the act of
writing itself need not in any way reflect one's being in the
world or the way that the life world adjusts or readjusts itself
and the organisms within it. what I think here is sharp but what
comes out through verbal dictation is loose almost Rambling as
if numerous paths are coming out in a dialog that appears as a
kind of deeper dialectic between voice response, voice and
coding, and what one is thinking, and the saying out loud to a
world with absent human listeners. This Gap in a sense is a
similar Gap to that between theory on the one hand, and work on
the same hand and what I've said above about the way one behaves
or realizes in the world. there two very different things and in
fact both of them aren't things but multiplicities and instead
of tethered, multiplicities all over the place.

with Azure Carter

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