[NetBehaviour] Rebab and phone and rebab and tuning

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 30 01:13:52 CET 2018

Rebab and phone and rebab and tuning


The rabab I have is very old And as a result The pegs Don't fit
properly Add are almost impossible to turn. Recently I've used
peg drop . I put them in yesterday morning. now I'm trying to
keep it somewhat in tune. There's still slipping going on but
it's better than it was before. So these are some samples of the
music while the tuning was occuring in one of them and is simple
tune when it was almost completely tuned up in the other. I hope
you enjoyed the strangeness of the period I do want to add That
I play with my fingers not with a pic And this makes it much
more difficult . I'm very bad with the pic. I'm generally very
good with my fingers Fingerpicking By the way Barb is not
designed for that period So as a result is a kind of awkwardness
which I'm trying to explore and overcome at the same time. Again
hope you enjoy this and get something out of it . I'm simply not
sure what these pieces represent or where they stand Or even if
they have any musical value to anyone . Good luck in listening.
Someday . . .

Of course one of the pieces was interrupted by a phone call. and
the other by one of the playing string slipping out .

As for the 3 illustrations Dash these are taken From older
photographs And tend to reflect or reflect The way I feel about
struggling with the instrument at this point .

Thank you.


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