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yes -congrats Marc -sounds exciting!

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Congratulations on this! I wish I was there (well, 'were there'?); 
Frankenstein has always been one of my favorite books - and I'm fascinated 
by The Last Man as well etc. -


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> Hi all,
> If you are in Basel on Oct 31st come along & say hello...
> Lecture series 'Frankenstein' in the 21st Century | Marc Garrett (University
> of London)
> At University of Basel.
> Lecture series 'Frankenstein' in the 21st Century.
> By Marc Garrett (University of London).
> Lecture from 6.15 - 8pm
> October 31st 2018.
> University of Basel. Department of Languages and Literatures.
> http://bit.ly/2SofzC5
> Marc Garrett's presentation is a contemporary take on Mary Shelley?s
> Frankenstein and asks us to reconsider her warning, that scientific
> imagining and all technologies have unintended and dramatic consequences for
> the world. It also invites us to ask the same about the arts and human
> imagination. Shelley?s classic, gothic horror and science fiction novel, has
> inspired millions since it was written 200 years ago in 1816, and then
> published anonymously in London in 1818. It offers a lens through which to
> look at the practices of arts and sciences today and how they shape society?s
> relationship with technology.
> The presentation considers the roles of our arts and science traditions and
> examines these issues as part of everyday life; as they are played out in
> the anthro?pocene, climate change, gender politics, ethics, governance,
> surveillance, posthumanism, transhumanism, hacking, biohacking, colonialism,
> post-colonialism, neoliberalism, biopolitics and accelerationism. Dr.
> Frankenstein plays the role of the Promethean scientist, a creative genius,
> and also a narcissist tangled up in his own individual desires, exploiting
> others in an irresponsible and abusive drive to control nature. But, who is
> the real monster?
> Marc Garrett is co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the
> arts collective Furtherfield (a gallery and a Commons lab, both situated in
> the park, in Finsbury Park, London), that began on the Internet in 96. He
> has curated over 50 contemporary Media Arts exhibitions and projects, both
> nationally and internationally. He is the main editor of the reviews,
> articles and interviews on the Furtherfield website and has written book
> chapters and articles about art, technology and social change, most recently
> in Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain (Torque Editions and Furtherfield,
> 2017, ed. with Ruth Catlow, Nathan Jones, and Sam Skinner). And Artists
> Re:Thinking Games (Liverpool University Press, 2010, ed. with Ruth Catlow
> and Corrado Morgana). He is currently in the last year of his PhD in Art
> History at the University of London, Birkbeck College.
> Notes:
> Research materials relevant to the talk.
> 'Monsters of the Machine: Frankenstein in the 21st Century' at Laboral in
> 2016.
> http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/exposiciones/monsters-of-the-machine
> The smaller version 'Children of Prometheus' at Furtherfield gallery
> https://www.furtherfield.org/events/children-of-prometheus/
> Marc Garrett?s essay ?Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World!?
> https://www.furtherfield.org/prometheus-2-0-frankenstein-conquers-the-world
> /
> Monsters of the Machine and Children of Prometheus (Resource) page
> https://marcgarrett.org/2016/06/07/curating-monsters-of-the-machine/
> Marc Garrett
> Co-Founder, Co-Director and main editor of Furtherfield.
> Art, technology and social change, since 1996
> http://www.furtherfield.org
> Furtherfield Gallery & Commons in the park
> Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ
> http://www.furtherfield.org/gallery
> Currently writing a PhD at Birkbeck University, London
> https://birkbeck.academia.edu/MarcGarrett
> Just published: Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain
> Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner
> Liverpool Press - http://bit.ly/2x8XlMK
> Marc Garrett ? Unlocking Proprietorial Systems for Artistic Practice.
> Posted in Journal Issues, Research Values. VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, 2018
> http://www.aprja.net/unlocking-proprietorial-systems-for-artistic-practice/
> Furtherfield Editorial ? Border Disruptions: Playbour & Transnationalisms.
> https://www.furtherfield.org/editorial-border-disruptions-playbour-transnat
> ionalisms/
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