[NetBehaviour] When will we arming and waiting

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 30 17:28:56 CET 2018

When will we arming and waiting


When are we going to talk about arming ourselves?
When will that conversation occur?
When will we speak secretly, passing among ourselves?
When will we learn to mistrust, never to speak ill,
never to speak good, never to speak?
When will we dream the power of guns and knives,
serving our ends, keeping us alive?
When will we fear the phone call, misplaced, text,
odd email request, pages not quite loading right?
When will we sense we have to protect ourselves
against those who, already armed, are ready to begin
another holocaust?
When will we survive to say, we never expected it to
happen here, we weren't prepared, we turned a blind
eye to the world?
When does waiting become a _thing_ that burns itself
into us in the form of an already-happened?
When might we find the courage to put down arms, to
never take them up, to walk fearlessly towards the
barrels of guns pointed in our direction?
When will we wake to those distributions of power
that promulgate the deployment of hatred's final
and absolute frontier of purity?
When do we talk, when will we have the time to talk?
And when will we have already lost, the time already
passed, death and terror everywhere, descending upon us?
When, when?


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