[NetBehaviour] as matador, collusion, the dead heaped, on the dead, the dance, ( rehearsal, maquette )

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 31 10:37:06 CET 2018

as matador, collusion, the dead heaped, on the dead, the dance

( rehearsal, maquette )

https://youtu.be/txCA9Yo1B8U         VIDEO

unnatural testbed for disappearance as in:
The Disappeared as in: They were warned as in:
Bodies: To Arms! To Arms!

the animals are in the animals
there are people around, they
expel themselves
they don't know their arms and legs
they greet strangers
the cave collapses
the dead are furious
the living don't understand
suddenly a pain inconceivably violent
nothing's supported again

but then things are on top of things. things settle.
things settle down, flatten. lungs empty, the last
words are heard. the last of our language. there are
some sounds that are just sounds. sounds are just

no animal is succinct
every animal is as old as every other
lineage, lineage.
the death of an animal ends a billion years of history
a word spoken as someone kills someone is the last of that
there is no more language
there is no more language even if no one dies
even if everyone speaks
even if everyone speaks with untoward clarity
if no one dies at that point
even if one lives

( consider these signs. you know they have a meaning but you
don't know the meaning. it's inconceivable that you can read
them. but what you think they mean is what they mean to
someone, perhaps a corpse. perhaps the corpse understands,
you think, and you think the corpse understands. the animals
swallow the world, falter, die, flesh nanoteched into its
own image. we're waiting for the end of language. we're not
there to wait any longer. we're not here either. we don't
understand we don't understand these signs. we wait for the
corpse. a corpse is a weapon. )

this is what we are waiting for in this country
the last of our language, there it's already said
- that this is the last word in our language
- that this is the last speaking of that word
- that nothing else is understood or understandable
- that the remnants, the rest, are fictions, subterfugues
- or the last of world or something
which by the way is never discrete just as the word
- just as the word is never discrete but murmurs
someone says begin again

the hovel glows the chora is inside

is never discrete (however this is spoken, coded)

culture is cullture, cull

( think of this as a fight to the death and repetition.
think further that the triumphant is ceremonial, diffuse,
vanquished. that these words are never armed. that any
sword is mightier than any word. that words have no
half-lives. think further than thought. corpse. )

[ Sp. matador, prop., a killer, fr. matar to kill, L. mactare
to sacrifice, kill. Checkmate death of the king, checkmatador,
deliverance further than thought. ]

what is useless: our call to arms. our protecting anyone or
anything. our doing only what is necessary. thinking one might
be talked out of violence. that one: always the they / doxa.
cullture kills us, annihilation to the limit. to arm, to arm.
to arms, to arms.

watch the video.


Jakeia Lorree, performance
Lorraine Rosado, performance
Louis Wells, performance
Augustus Wendell, mocap, concept
Alan Sondheim, mocap, concept, videography
Azure Carter, facilitator, camera, concept
Andrew Klobucar, coordinator
STEM+ Residency sponsorship
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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