[NetBehaviour] Sarangis, epic, bathed

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Sep 3 17:37:48 CEST 2018

Sarangis, epic, bathed


epic, with the older sarangi, accompaniment to an epic poem that
no longer exists, the music no longer exists, keeps falling back
to the tonic, looking for a home, a ground, stability, commons,
shared narratives and words; the music falls back, falls down.

the music falls down searching for the tonic, falls on the
tonic, rises again, a few moments, momentary search, falls back
on the tonic. that is to say, falls back on the open high
string, begins again, begs for words and narratives, begs for
men and women and children, begs for a peaceful world, rises and
falls again, upwards, then collapse, rising and falling. with
the older sarangi, older strings but restrung, as if a voice
singing thus, as if thus

bathed, with the new sarangi, easier to play, higher voice, as
if a voice singing thus, signing thus, bathing the singer and
the song, bathing the sarangi and the player. as if the world
were once again emergent from the chora, from a place of chaos
towards a place of hope, through many skies and tunneling
through those.

and in two parts, bathed, the second faster, energy increasing
towards the mourning of the epic in the other sound. so many
clearings for these unknown instruments, their future always
tentative as afghanistan, fragile as the museum i brazil. then
the music, to surround you while there is still hope, while
wholesome tends towards a momentary compleation, listen here, as
if for a moment, as if all of these were real

" . . . put into a wallet and out of . . . took my bones out
of me . . . (the hide of an ox?) . . . "
- Alcaeus, fragment 255, trans. Campbell

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