[NetBehaviour] Artificial Intelligence and the Artificial Pancreas

Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 20:59:35 CEST 2018

On the subject of AI, this may be of interest. I've just finished 
summarising an article from the British Medical Journal about research 
into Artificial Pancreas systems. An Artificial Pancreas isn't a 
mechanical device that's implanted into someone, like a pacemaker - it's 
basically a computer algorithm into which you feed the results of 
continuous blood glucose monitoring, and it responds by telling you how 
to adjust your insulin dosage. In a 'closed loop' system this 
information is fed straight to your insulin pump, so that human input 
shouldn't normally be required at all. The research paper I was 
summarising indicates that although further research is required, these 
Artificial Pancreas systems seem to be far more efficient at keeping 
Type 1 Diabetic patients in the 'normal' blood-sugar range than 
old-fashioned dosing regimes. They're especially efficient at night, 
when old-fashioned dosing regimes tend to overload the blood with 
insulin at the beginning of the night and leave it short by the time 
morning comes.

There’s a very interesting open-source artificial pancreas system at 
_https://openaps.org/_ , and there’s an article about it in the Guardian 


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