[NetBehaviour] thunder and lightning undersight

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Sep 7 10:19:29 CEST 2018

thunder and lightning undersight


casio full organ stop during full thunderstorm with full thunder
stops in the form of rumbles. i sat at the keyboard, a model of
madness, humbling the bass in lieu of murmurs. would we were
out-of-doors for such, apposition of electrocution. there is the
madness of ozone at hand against the storm against the window.
the organ sounds of sloughed bells in any notre dame. we humans
like everything are in the midst of the world surrounding us, a
trite truism but too easily forgotten, macro- and micro-biomes
in unimaginable networking and conjunctions. what comes up
against anything comes up against everything, against another
world for suffusion. the walls and floors know this. the ground
and trees know this. striations among the molecular. the world
fissures in the world. we are not at that scale, at the planck
limitations which we believe in for good reason, orders of
magnitude shuffled like so many powers and logarithms as if
there were comprehended insight. nothing but ourselves are in
sight and every site, beyond citations, is fundamentally beyond
our reach but among us, part of our suffusion. the fabric of the
world churns, no matter our words and poisons. the bass of the
moment is thunder, the lower reaches of lightning. or so it
seems, our thought seamlessly falling apart, granular, communal,
never and no longer among us, our bandwidth preposterous,

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