[NetBehaviour] What Remains: new NES game launch at V2_ 27/09/18

Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Fri Sep 14 13:11:34 CEST 2018

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It is 1986. You just came home from a skate session when a video game
cartridge falls into your hands. Excited to find out what kind of game
is on it, you visit your friend who got a Nintendo for Christmas. You
plug in the cartridge and a strange list of encrypted files appears...



Do you like 8-bit video games?
Do you like chiptune music?
Do you want to save the world?
Do you think this is all hopeless?

If you said YES to at least one of these questions, then you are invited
to join us Thursday 27 September at V2_, in Rotterdam, NL, for the
launch of a new NES game and a performance from punk rock influenced
chiptune duo Men of Mega.



What remains is made possible with support from Creative Industries Fund
NL, Democracy & Media Foundation, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Akademie Schloss
Solitude, ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, V2_ Lab for the
Unstable Media, WORM Pirate Bay, FoAM Kernow, Varia, ESC Medien Kunst
Labor and Hotel Mariakapel. Our server is kindly hosted by Servus.


Bonus track: Free Personality Test (because you're nice)




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