[NetBehaviour] motion capture transformations: viola mocap body

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 18 22:51:50 CEST 2018

motion capture transformations: viola mocap body

(a.r. by Will Pappenheimer)

think of playing viola with mocap markers on the bow, fingers,
arms, face, chest, and legs (i.e. holding it in a non-western
position). then consider modifying the markers' positions and/or
the marker tags - the result is a supple sonic topological
manifold integrating body and instrument in an astonishing and
untoward style. i can only imagine the complex dynamics of the
resulting organism and organic production. so this playing is an
example of what might be achieved live and in situ with markers
and flat black mocap uniforms. this would be part of the input,
the sound. i'd be the subject and object, performer and
cartographer, transforming the viola into a potentially inverted
closed and unknown topology with algebraic catastrophes,
potential "foam" mappings, and the positions slipped and shifted
within and without unknown apparitions. this particular
improvisation involves wide-ranging finger positions and dynamic
movement which would register well with the digital mapping
software. the bow is moved rapidly and wildly, often churning
across all four strings in quick succession; the entire
fingerboard is used. i can only imagine the configurations that
will appear as a result - and imagine them as well mapped onto
an unknown organism carrying the continuously transformed
sensory input into an unknown, problematic, and possibly
catastrophic future.

- to be hopefully performed, created, and documented in a week
or so at New Jersey Institute of Technology -

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