[NetBehaviour] First foray into altered motion capture, WVU, June 18, 2004

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Sep 21 21:41:07 CEST 2018

First foray into altered motion capture, WVU, June 18, 2004


the sensors for the motion capture equipment were tethered
micro-antenna that signalled to a plexiglass sphere with
embedded 3d receptors. the "heap" was the result of placing the
sensors in a heap on the floor; i think they were carefully and
randomly moved around as well. the result was videoed from a
monitor. the equipment used involved a much older 486 computer
as well as, I believe, one running 2000. the 486 had to be
bootstrapped from the bios; I forget the technical details.

the resulting video was crude but exciting - the light flashes/
spotlight projections were the result of the dynammics hurtling
to mathematical infinity; clearly tangents were at work in the
mathematics. this was the beginning of our avatar work:


heap.mov - alpha version @ the best @

the body falls in a heap
motion capture catches the catastrophe
fury and erasure of the fallen body

thanks WVUVEL

@ @ @


a heap because the body falls and in so doing
limbs keep moving, twitching
the body is invisible topography
only the topology remains
it shudders and goes to infinity
its arm shot out at a tangent
its neck collapsed its leg parted from the body
of the torso it retained its form momentarily

it all disappeared
inversion of dance technology, computer choreography:
let the machine do something
the topological organism becomes a warning beacon
the future of the body is radiation


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