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MetaConstruct Installations


         ...part of a series of an original that never 

[The following file is, as you will see, from a printed 
Proposal sent in 1984 to dozens of art galleries primarily 
in North America. It is of some interest as it espouses and 
enacts a method for the creation of a great life-enhancing 
narrative, full of situationist-drift and revision. There 
was marginal financial, political and critical support for 
this project at the time. The various series of art-objects 
are occasionally altered but they usually remain sequestered 
in beautiful cork-lined, shellacked, plywood boxes... 
Archetypal Exhibition: As Single Entity. Nomadic 
Distributions. Consecrated Anarchy. Far from being a new 
foundation, it swallows up all foundations, it assures a 
universal collapse but as a positive and joyous event. The 
power of Affirming Chaos, Divergence, and Decentring. 
Heterogeneous series (`complicating' within itself all 
series). Continually eccentric circle with a constantly 
decentred centre.

The nonhierarchical work is a condensation of coexistences, 
a simultaneity of events. Identity persists, but it is 
produced as the law that complicates all series, causing 
them to return within each one as the course of compulsion.

The Work has sought to be a product of the manners and 
places in which it is seen.

The speculator is playing a mathematical game into a set of 
random events.

An Insatiable project, endlessly producing and consuming 
`systems', metaphorhaunted classifications of an ultimately 
opaque reality.

The set of objects the gallery displays is sustained only by 
the fiction that they somehow constitute a coherent 
representational universe...


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