[NetBehaviour] The inadequate, a philosophical testament

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 24 02:49:52 CEST 2019

The inadequate, a philosophical testament


I used to think the world is all that is the case.
That there was a world, that the word was embodied.
The word was replete, fecund. That there was ontology.
That information was everywhere among the world.
That there was a case.
It seems that rupture and disintegration of world and mind
interfere with any imminent assessment. That now, what is
ontology carries little meaning, that the world is far too
fluid, too immense for any generalities.
That there are streams of particles and their decompositions.
That there are commonalities among them.
That ontology itself is suspect.
That the hardening of objects is a simulacrum.
That for organisms, projections and negations occur.
As if they occurred within or without them.
That slipping away is generated from within.
That the tenuous appears falsely as stasis.
That these livings and their labels are disappearing.
That there are no replacements for replacements.
That there are no places or moments of origins.
That song has always already disappeared.
That song which is the open circumlocution of consonants.
That my I is useless and has always been useless.
That the complexity of the world is the complexity of
That there is no you who must follow there is no me
into the lack of wilderness and wildness.
Sometime early I divided the world into MAP, material-
abstract-phenomenological ontologies, stratifications,
and interrelationships. Sometime I considered nothing
more than particles as processes and their epistemologies.
It's all in there,
structures and their forgotten existences and ontologies.
So much seemed unnecessary.
Now the language, languaging itself seems inadequate,
nor is the world a simulacrum which just removes the
participant a step beyond its current inadequacy.
Always a reach, as if the inadequate were itself organic,
organism releasing the beyond as an adequate horizon.
Nothing is fundamental, the blooming buzzing confusing
lies at the heart of the case-loads of ontologies.
It's everywhere the wrong question, wrong solution.
It's everywhere the wrong language, wrong substrate.
It's everywhere deflection and the inadequacy of reach.
It's everywhere the inadequacy of thought and language.
Philosophy resides in the rubble of the world, walks in
the rubble of the world, produces, in the rubble of the
world. The inadequacy of reach. The failure. The failure
as a category. The failure as the falling away of
evanescent delineations. The failure as the shadow and
thoughtlessness of the body.
There is no world that is the case, no case.
That that is inadequacy.
That philosophy is always already failure,
that philosophy is always ready.
Open sets and the dimensions of thought always ragged
at the edges, these words written as lettered particles,
already releasing the inhering failure of the word.
Or rather, nothing touching anything because nothing
reaches, among the ragged, the rubble, the baroque
interconnections and failures among the material,
the abstract, the phenomenological, all of which, even
now this one thinks, these schemes are processes,
fractal at best, chaotic at better, murmur, and then
stillness, inadequate, out of reaching,
inadequacy, failure, reaching, open sets, and open.
a gesture is always open. a gesture is always thrown.
an aphorism succeeds to the extent it fails.
the gesture succeeds to the extent it fails to beckon.
the aphorism and gesture fail in the sense of proper names.
New categories of the thwarted, the forgotten, the absent.
New categories of the failed, the unreachable, the untoward.
Rewritten categories of the spilled chora.
The chora of steam, the diffused chora.
The unfulfillment of thirst and hunger.
The world is all that is the category of the unnameable.
Nothing is beyond the categories of the ungraspable.
Nothing beckons the categories.
That their ontology is diffuse, uncategorical.
That their ontology is beyond their grasp.
The failure of inadequacy, the inadequacy of failure.
The diffuse failure of ontology and ontologies.
The collapse of the copula and inadequate identifications.
We were used to there used to be a world.
the gesture which points across and towards plateaus and
denuded forests, meadows, oceans, and deserts.
The brutality of broken philosophies.
The brutality of the copula.
ontology: the k-not of the inadequate.
epistemology: the inadequacy of the k-not.
the k-not of: the possession. the grasp.
the maw.
for if it's definable, it's definable qua immersive.
and if it's immersive, it's inadequate.
what is left behind is fossils in transit.
what has occurred is the trace of a trace, a fossil.
the tendency of the fractured fossil, its annihilation.
its annihilation as a trace of a trace of absence.
information has always been lost;
what is preserved is the inadequate.
the gap is sutured by rubble;
rubble decoheres by virtue of the gap.
there is always the coherer of the spectral radio.
the upwelling of noise is the exhaustion and spread of power;
the structure of noise is the reconstruction of sinter.
what hardens, dissolves; what dissolves is dissolute;
what is dissolute is soluble; what is soluble decoheres.
I used to think I used to think.
That there were worlds and cases;
that there were cases and scaffolds.
whoever understands this recognizes neither this nor that.
neti neti, recognizes not both this nor that.
not other among others. For a moment there are ladders.
For a moment we are gone among non-existent worlds.
Among the rubble of the incalculable.
Among the poverty and annihilation of the word.
Among the destroyed ontology of the word.
All this for us immersed in all-this for-us.
Incalculable, irretrievable, non-existent.
Non-existent no more than any non-other.
We are decompositions among other decompositions.
We are already gone in the gap, the spectral,
the incalculable, the rubble, the non-existent,
the useless ladders, the lack, the reachlessness,
the inadequate -
Our brutality of the copula, our couplings, being uncoupled,
our uncoupling of being, our simulacra of simulacra of
possessions, our failure to misunderstand.


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