[NetBehaviour] The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 3

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Apr 26 23:32:11 CEST 2019

The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 3


Great blue heron rookery, Seekonk, Massachusetts

noise in the machinery of thought.
all thought is parasitic language or empathetic movement
within the mind.
in this sense reality is a residue or test case.
the test case always fails with(in) the ontological gap.
the mind always fails even with the pronouncement of the body.
is it that the symbols mean and the mind comprehends, or the
symbols by virtue of tradition are granted substance?
it is too much to say that mathesis begins and ends with the
making and interpretation of marks.
we exist by agreement that we exist.
there is always otherwise to any agreement.
otherwise is infinitely greater than agreement.
clearly thought and existence, in whatever form of presentation,
are inadequate.
wherever we look, whatever we examine, there is a dropping-away
that is not even fundamental. nothing is never, ever,
(what slides, slides out, is only the symbolic; i cannot procure
anything except a sense of my own failure. that sense, too,
the we itself of course is a construct, one that falls away as
well, as does the I.
we're left bereft were it not for the ontology of the digital.
or the ontology of any testament. or another ontology.
ontology is a story we are told or tell ourselves.
or say the ontology of the analog or analogic.
or ontology as a told story or the telling of a story.
our sounds in such cases appear to form the basis of community,
or communality.
it is this inadequacy that tends towards those fictions and
absolutisms which are the basis of any religion.
religions stress our inadequacy, creating an open vector which
tends towards, lands on, the postulation of an other; even
atheism has a name.
(we think through the closure of vectors. we kill for them.)
if not now, then.
if not this universe, then another. if not this reality, than
another (no there there, no here here). if not this time, then
after death (after we discard our body) (after our body is
discarded). if not this, then that: we are held by this
proposition, this vector.
(this vector which does not exist.)
(jeremy bentham who created adequacy out of fictions,
ontologically empty, inadequate. one might say, as if there
were duties created, as if duty were a suture.)
anything but dissolution which is always already an accomplice.
explanations, enclaving, neoliberalism, are untouchable. the
inadequate is sutured by an inadequate adequate. think of
sedimentary layers. think of ooze, microbiomes, fundamental
particles observed and generated by increasingly expensive
or the planck length, planck time, planck mass. what is
inadequate is reachlessness.
(and the inadequate reachlessness is not ever a category.)
as this writing slips from me, the wryting of the body forgets
itself, mistakes are made. and mistakes are always made.
(there are no mistakes. there are deviations. there are openings
which bend, tensor-like to fulfill the destination of language.)
what absurdity, bringing the thought of limitations and the
limitations of thought something which does not exist, as if
there were a mix.
(we are not in our body or the bodies of others, as if there
were a plateau or wish-fulfilling stone hardening some skin onto
some bones, sensory organs, mind.)
as if there were an only-if.
(scrape / scrap / crap / cape / rap / sap / cap / as if the caps
on our noggins were the world (were the ontology of the world))
(everything talks, everything is doing, the comma,

(of course, excuse me, this is my own failure, my own depress,
exhaustion, inability to write the simplest truth of the world,
or one's or another's truth. i ask for your pardon in this
regard. my failure is my own, not the open vector of a disease
that infects all of us. everyone is saying this, the semicolon
(not a list or invitation)

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