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Michael Szpakowski m at michaelszpakowski.org
Wed Aug 7 16:12:55 CEST 2019

Two 'walk-throughs' of the sound and image collaboration the Mexican/UK artist Alicia Paz and I made recently in San Luis Potosí  Mexico and which is installed at the Leonora Carrington Museum there until late October. The soundtracks are extracts from an hour long piece based on accounts of dreams by the gallery staff there and from both Spanish and English speakers here in the UK. The visuals are photograms and collaged photograms:



The other thing is a video I made arising out of a workshop I did there last Friday -it's called '19 magic spells to turn yourself into a bird':



PS I don't do these circulars very often nowadays but if it feels spammy to you just shout and I'll ensure you don't get any more!

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