[NetBehaviour] somatic ghostings

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Aug 9 03:52:08 CEST 2019

somatic ghostings

(preparing for a talk at the London ICA)



something out of the corner of the eye, just beneath hearing's
range, sensed perhaps a movement in the formlessness of
dissipation /// everything full of desire, replete, fecund,
absence of everything as well

somatic ghosting: when the appearance of a body is uncanny,
neither there nor not there, neti neti when it's uncanny,
obdurate, relationship, present, absent when its absence is a
presence, when its presence is an absence in order that it
exists, it spreads in space and time, neither here nor there

simultaneously not everywhere or everywhen, boundaries which are
libidinal, afterthoughts, coagulations

coagulations of no material or thinking, holarchic structures
fraying at the ends, continuously morphing as if there were
thinking at work, as if there were sentience for everyone,
everywhere, in the absence of a sensate apparatus

in the absence of a body and a ghost, ghosting - as if tendrils,
as if left behind, as if neither one nor the other, as if un- ,
a- , non- , an- , rims, nubs, hollows, hollers, weavings,
skeins, topologies, imaginaries,

(in order that it exists, no copula, no non-existence, no
existence, we - language - would have none of it, would have all
of it)

of something skeins, weavings, oooooooooooooooooooooooo the out
topologies, topologies, out of of imaginaries, imaginaries, the
eye, the oooooooooooooooooooooooo the just corner
oooooooooooooooooooooooo of just hearing's of out corner
hearing's range, the the the sensed perhaps eye, corner just a
a just the range, in movement beneath just perhaps formlessness
in hearing's hearing's movement dissipation the sensed sensed
formlessness /// formlessness perhaps a dissipation full of a in
everything desire, dissipation in formlessness of replete, ///
the dissipation fecund, fecund, everything of full of of full
/// desire, as everything of everything fecund, somatic as
desire, of everything ghosting: well fecund, replete, well the
somatic absence absence ghosting: of ghosting: of everything
appearance a when as well a is the well when is uncanny,
appearance ghosting: appearance neither there of when a nor nor
a appearance uncanny, there, not body a there neti there,
uncanny, is not it's neti neither neither neti uncanny, neti
there nor it's relationship, when nor there, obdurate, absent
it's there, neti present, when uncanny, neti it's when absence
obdurate, when obdurate, is is relationship, uncanny, absent
presence, a present, obdurate, it's when presence, when present,
is presence when it's when when an its absence absence presence
in presence is a an order is presence, when order it absence
when presence it exists, in presence absence it spreads order is
order in in that absence it and space it order spreads neither
and exists, it space nor neither it exists, time, there here
spreads spreads nor not nor in and simultaneously or there and
neither everywhere everywhen, simultaneously time, nor
everywhen, which not here simultaneously which are everywhere
there or libidinal, libidinal, or simultaneously boundaries
coagulations afterthoughts, everywhen, everywhere are of
coagulations boundaries everywhen, afterthoughts, material of
which which of thinking, no are libidinal, material holarchic
material afterthoughts, coagulations thinking, fraying or
coagulations of fraying at thinking, of material the ends,
holarchic no holarchic continuously continuously structures or
fraying as morphing fraying holarchic the there if at structures
morphing thinking there the at if at were ends, ends, were as
thinking morphing morphing work, there at as there if were work,
if thinking were for as were work, for everyone, if at if
everywhere, everywhere, there work, sentience the the were if
everyone, of absence sentience were in sensate of for for of in
a everyone, everywhere, sensate the sensate in the in of
apparatus the of absence body in of sensate body and the a the a
a absence apparatus of ghosting ghosting of the body as - a
absence a tendrils, as body a - as if and and if left tendrils,
ghost, ghost, as as as ghosting - behind, if if - tendrils, if
one left if if one nor behind, as behind, the other, as if if as
as if behind, nor un- if neither if other, a- un- one one if
non- , the the a- , a- other, as non- , , as un- an- nubs, non-
un- a- rims, hollows, , , non- hollers, hollers, an- , , skeins,
skeins, , , nubs, imaginaries, topologies, rims, an- hollers,
imaginaries, nubs, rims, topologies, hollers, hollows, weavings,
weavings, skeins, topologies, imaginaries,

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