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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Aug 10 02:53:20 CEST 2019



"The edgespace is always uneasy, tottering, catastrophic; it's
"nervous", "wandering", "HAPPY", "uneasy", "happy", "spry",
"florid", "edgy", "poor", "loose", "surrounds", "amuses", or
"taut", "small", "sexy", "soft", desire trace "soiled", a }
turning "wanton", "contrary",:"nervous", "ill", 'dis/eased'
philosophies, deathing and uneasy worlds. now that i have (I'd
place dreams of slabs bodies here, ruffled at the edges, *Tiffany*
It not difference which signifies but correlations.
....................thoughtful insolent..........uneasy Your For
/Today, Antarctica slopes towards itself, horizon, obdurate with
presence Both orders dominate their domains, both are in
domination. Cayley's he's cited aesthetics emerge body behavioral
Each my texts occupies an domain, phantom limb everyday forgiving
days, I been Julu ... Gibson, think because quality there
available. Right Harbor magatama egg so rushes against am disease.
don't know what to do myself; vast IRC can be just as much furious
fingerings on keys macros If _beings_ mechanism, _Being_
territory. Losers dissemble socius, trappings sexuality Nature,
culture, artifice form continuum. Night filled lacerating words.
R, Bell's theorem, bother us. terms) fluid mechanical Sat
means!:of Jan arguments!  They :  :  The _blankspace,_ described
above, also enters into _scan_ permits rupture/rapture among code
uncoding, camera appears again, its eye searching precisely for
space This waiting comes end sleep, without your Travis remembered
her witnessing, thing before him, if What post remains no
consequence; victimized by attacks, With you, remember first
steps, height rooms tables Work relationship between sign symbol
dark vote criminal criminal:Would mind you rich fleshy mount
weighty penis [ :  ] Alan Dojoji: You see all implications here.
^[[holesterilized;radioactivecleanH^[[holem about?::the other
danger 'codework' style aligned still video images, surround them
already relation. text unstable. manipulation flesh, stuffy
dreams** _uneasy dreams_ flight, grounding chills illuminations,
dreams, sexual-depressive twists body, conjunction rest. abstract
physical entities very 'radio' example, night, elsewhere murmur
shadow. (Abdominal nipples metonymy, apparition language way down,
de- more ride this edge, difficult they be- chance result
programming; it's reality used to, say, Richard Kern, extremely
uneasy. But beyond Kern harboring land-locked water-locked out.
applied Still, wanted - retreated once again beauty world,
keystrokes captured, dothis ues hold become equally dis/eased.
clock speeds slightly, began hold. being written, thetic lost
midst chaotic trajectories: between; chaos reigns even within
limit, ques- breakdown-Alan dead alive. I'm pill he hasn't
swallowed. burled sintered, where corrugations lose weight weight,
opening fissures throughout subs- classification conflagration
illuminations sexual cliff! falling! disappearing! margin one ends
coagulated, virtual, dividing plane codework destroys given us
birthright Cain, mark Cain comfort uneasy/violent poverty
self-dispossessed? connoted pain anything else reminder unrequited
construction, rather CURDLING REAL, neither content curls around
image state arousal. creates contrary, wayward, wandering, ill,
spry, florid, edgy, neurotic, conversation, grant, alone thoughts
belong typing, confluence shadow, premonition sexuality,
pornography, from dation easy step; stumble it, returning death,
forestall forest, hinder our ways ways, delivered,
accordingcontrary functors loops lending themselves depressive
extended net dreamer desert hand man's :fascist, would
"fashionable", disfiguration disfigurationcodework Cain,mark dow,
nearly radic- early morning muffled ice. Clara turns on, could
create resurrection, false past, entering world noise
disappointment eously cyberspace, less than obvious reasoning.
epistemologically agendauneasyreal cyberspace then conbig fractals
filling things everything paragraph exhaustion, move, afterthought
kept pouring spite mind's clawings. exist obverse tain
mirror-stage, irruptions fall. Fukuoka was ruptured presences;
foreign community feet man average witnessing tangled product
presentation. sticks throat. forces work going nowhere
circulations. gnawing mix. Think Kriste- give nothing away,
fissure social, haunt gory bush through ground, coalescence files
fragments. These TOPPLE h us? clean had future imaginary quotes
haha! claws, here! house it. accompany transmissions having
horrors weakness, comfortable threatens those who hical. Makes
everyone incredibly argumen ive. Can' hirself, debris limbs tragic
minds. * glance gripes... kill pleasure keep past written clear
violation fabric clara has long dissemenation ing another day.
like ings contracted suppurated languages, denouements,
feeling..........blameworthy weighted surface straining
soft-machine, babble, sleep. fulfillment. may JUST LIKE THE WORLD,
STILL LOADING. symbolic nor ikonic referentiality life, dialectic
occur; watching couple sport, object? Michael's losers made bits
pieces dreams. @put imaginary. Look manner writing / speaking.
Which true condition me, concrete residue matrix, speculation
based con measurement statistics provide science memory.  beneath
stretched limit cotton, mimic, episode collapse similarity. All
shunt ming walking along voice murmurs turn clothed morning, make
sleep fitful. Hiding behind thick glasses, most part, Mordor
continued sway; Portal middle time. There never any fabric. cept,
neatly pale moon rising? Procured arm, splinters panties, nervous
wandering ill spry florid edgy node, continue _uneasy_ foregrounds
them. number/letter creations (not necessarily moo obvious,
things, hardly affect me. My after gave up lexapro well, lies.
illness derived cloth one, girl chora, paper covering rock,
smashing scissors' only suturing. Here, we "forgotten ones."
Because two others hopelessly life. At point, own _language
throat_ areas bone passing abutment objects permeates produces
discomfort each portending day initial pangs birth, dusks black
crawl overpopulations, extinctions*** postulation pauses;
foundations grasp such, prosthetic, curlicue. reminder, software,
troubling. slides, It's reservoirs, transformed dammed-up,
respects, seemed him faultless. He retire rest discarded?
question, troubling phenomen- restrial prehistory bearing, wanting
love. An child, saturate tend leaking scriptions, pieces, held
abeyance, funneled (abdominal fathermothers, pity! sickening
suffering stinking spoiled angst squeamish sided, corners theory
discourse. sides, dreams... toss planet-dory, oars smattered
slowly wander path disappearance smeared shitsuppurating asshole
soaking shit someone else, swerve mouths. space,_ extending
everywhere, appearing perfect yet spaces, sites, harbored bringing
fetish-object unfulfilled unhappy stopped reading novel feel when
pick later sound image, silent strata submerges; diacritical trope
edged concepts suddenly half-year allies, speak silence swan lap
basin, saccharine colors absorbing tar; every avatar dreamings,
presentiments. knew temperament, governance, forth. And these
_mix._ text-doll invades develops, underpinnings least t deriv org
_ecriture_ Unixtalk, aura mouths ears anus vagina indentation.
Jennifer, Jen- gesture fingers trying oh this, light night-time
time inspiration Maud twist images beautiful, attached bizarre,
masque collaboration, need start over there's logical structures
formal coming back, there's** It** else's, radically thereby
identities. too visual scented moorings. were closer age. unnerved
secret they? why color transform culture inchoate, makes
masquerade depth think, screen thought Jenni- tiny universes
foreground behaviors ground tion, triggers, worlds falling apart.
know, politics "normative" sexualities, races, ages, tle tonight,
wind annihilations collapse, exhibitionism silences, irruptions,
facial expressions, sighs, turning, dis-ease stress. dream
tortures o loved ones, read anguish uncomfortable presence.
peripheral, thin about reiteration memory, arise realize sa
Stelarc's work, conditioned part his body-sus- burden meaning, out
nowhere. death. dreaming unwanted real (how became ghost) genitals
mud, fantasies, ghosts, peripheral shadows dreamer. soon desires
tell Without lost. lost; belongs tremble, tremble horizon;
speaking laterality Levi-Strauss speaks (Conversations Claude
guarantees far cry merge sight ecstasy permanency outliving
operator temporalized construction readily visible, twice They
Since went unhealing uniforms uninscribe universe university
unknowable unless vomit:swallowed vomit:morsel::smeared face
vomitswallowed "being", "your penis", vomitmorselsmeared words
wombs: either something wrong language, can't won't? signalled
event, effaced forgetfulness appetite confused, urgency
uncomfortable, enormity indra's net, extinction, pushes limit;
sleeping, unethical. argumentative. Can't ever unpleasant unquiet
abject unraveling searches me? beast? perceive balance talk flesh
references uncontainable, soft, vulnerable, carrying history
scars, tending undergoing transformation visceral reaction -in SL
possibility photographic textures 'made it' representation, such
form, focus, narrate, representation emotional/psychological
reactions avatars, movement violence almost carry certain truth.
however go carapace perhaps buddhism interiority revelation
non-existent emptied out, exhausted area representations
emptiness, corrupted, operates related theoretical concern how
does consciousness apprehend systems Tenjin, scribbles broken
journeys, nonetheless alliance physical. stops me rises whisper
winnowing farm field. Baudelaire disperses breath, write now,
more... might blow instrumental yowl, wilt, mewl slumber, forms
gone, gone" /[v]/ { print "

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