[NetBehaviour] somatic ghostinging

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Aug 22 06:21:47 CEST 2019

somatic ghosting


(skip this verbal description expanded, rearticulated below, but
_without the breath) Think of the Ava to or text as one approach
as well as we showing the suicide one and the other ones that are
similar with anomalies in them that will also go back to the
access grid pieces so that there will be like a so that continuity
of anomalies and bodies appearing in in odd ways some based on
multiple mapping some more or less eminent in a sentence. So that
there was not only the suicide one but there was also the MacGrid
and Amelie pieces and those should be used as well so that you're
dealing with soda sheaves of images that fall off from the Matrix
of the body from The Matrix of the assimilated articulated digital
body. In that sense we're not talking about a Prosthetics or
things of that Source but we're more or less talking about uneasy
emanation from where the word Eminence come from.

Beginning of the emanated text on somatic ghosting -

There are a number of anomalies in the pieces created in MacGrid
and the OpenSim localhost (virtual world on my computer). The
Suicide piece is one I've discussed before - the appearance of a
virtual object that was unexpected. The other piece possesses an
object which is an "emanation" - produced by the software itself -
of another base object; the emanation is distorted. I think of
these as the production of objects, bodies, in space that are
neither the result of "real body" production elsewhere and mapped
into virtual space nor the result of an imitative scaffolding
portraying a desired object. They might be considered dynamic
glitches that take on a life of their own - neither real nor
virtual life, but something else - somatic ghosting, where the
original is either non-existent, but "broken" in the virtual

And I think that such virtual ghosting is characteristic of our
era, related to fake news, rumors on- and off-line, uncanny
valleys of avatars, constructed and diffuse sexualities, and so
forth - that are both projections (through media or intimacy) and
introjections (through the imaginary and internal phenomenology
of the body) - in other words, an ontological stew which is
incapable of being unraveled, in relation to either being thought
or the truth.

The access grid is another, unconcrete example, what is projected
- what circles the planet - the sheaves of images from the
original which is always on the move, never stable, the trail
theoretically infinite, incandescent, disappearing into noise,
into the trails of noise - voice following suit - the entire
package on the move. So somatic, the body clearly _the_ body in
movement, reading through into a problematic diegesis of sheaves,
all sorts of processes of identification at work here - but
they're not of the digital, they're of the analog - the digital as
carrier, as limiter, as raster. The asteroid as well - the
hardened positioning of interiors, singularities, thrown off -
carapaces, --

Where is the news, facticity, in all of this? All that occur are
ill-defined fuzzy sheaves, interrelated like part-objects,
memories - a form of slow-motion splatter semiotics -

One can see that ontology disappears, not into images or fabrics
or categories, but into the 'buzzing confusion of the world' -
these images from the plane - these digital images - the
inconceivably complex forces of weathers, turbulence, momentary
stases, the camera capturing - nothing - now we're on more or less
unstable ground, inadequate ground, inadequate grounding (whatever
the form or format) - stay here -


what, that - for example "
  we're more or less talking about uneasy emanation from
where the word emanants comes from.

""Issuing or flowing forth; emanating; passing forth into an act,
or making itself apparent by an effect; -- said of mental acts;
as, an emanant volition."" (from dict)


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