[NetBehaviour] it's my fault, lets uncover the world state control

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Aug 25 06:10:25 CEST 2019

it's my fault, lets uncover the world state control


world state control:

.150 0.02 command successful. secs mode 226 Open:'mixed.pl'
'mixed.pl' :ing BINARY for :1:PORT kB/s) 200 connection
.name?:1 What's:: name?:2 :Hi? What's your name?:2::

it's my fault:

had I road the 1943-1997 my have ahead ahead have Less had
invisible. invisible. my them my 1943-1997 of now, faults.
1943-1997 had now, nonetheless. Less have faults. nonetheless. I've
of my of read about them faults. now, the the now, of I've between
difference but now, about and between nonetheless. nonetheless.
difference the remorse read read and latter and about the the think
regret; the between I _acts_ the between and covers and latter
remorse the the the I regret; think a a think latter _acts_ out
state covers I the one's out _acts_ covers state control. of the
and of the one's former former control. that control. a state
latter haunts It's out of haunts the the of It's the former latter
control. latter I have that It's haunts no no haunts latter former
over. control me; haunts have the over. former the control hand, On
I I On the the have no hand, and other no over. violence of hand,
over. the denigration the the On hand, the fills violence other
violence anyone, anyone, and the of think, I denigration violence
world who think, the denigration anyone, sensitive who world the
who it, is fills fills sensitive remorse; sensitive anyone, I it,
we to think, who we watching with who sensitive watching the
remorse; sensitive with planet turn we to we towards towards are
with watching disease, slaughter, watching we turn torture,
disease, the watching slaughter, Still, torture, planet the
extinction, now, tomb. turn turn Still, I Still, towards disease,
2007, filled now, disease, torture, am with 2007, extinction,
Still, with immobilized, I tomb. 2007, immobilized, haunted. am
now, filled I I filled 2007, regrets, a have with am haunted. for
knack regrets, with have short-circuiting, for immobilized,
immobilized, for people error, haunted. I short-circuiting, into
short-circuiting, have a people objects turning a for objects into
people for short-circuiting, games, games into error, into into
into objects, turning objects I lives. objects into games, the am
into objects, lives. interior the games, into am of inconceivable
games games inconceivable open interior lives. lives. an everything
of I the wound; I an am interior I is open inconceivable an is
suture wound; of wound; on on everything an do edge edge I wound;
suture failure. of do I the this failure. is is failure. a
Philosophically, suture on this thin this the edge a layer places
edge failure. avatar-like the a failure. this the grain thin
Philosophically, thin of of avatar-like places layer world world
layer thin the philosophically, - against avatar-like of exists
philosophically, the against - within one grain grain one universal
exists the the within 1943-2007 within world - deception. And a -
exists And faults universal one a faults remain. deception. within
deception. One artifact 1943-2007 a And of of And deception.
remain. nature the the And artifact this nature faults faults the
is of One One this that this artifact of is entries writing, of
nature later the is nature this reference/remark earlier; that of
is time time later writing, entries in in entries that the seems
what reference/remark later time be seems the reference/remark what
a to time earlier; to recuperation. be collapses collapses a I a in
what 1947 don't misplaced seems to don't radio. recuperation. to
misplaced radio. I 1947 a 1947 don't remember I misplaced don't
popular popular don't 1947 I I songs. remember don't remember vague
I I radio. songs. of have don't don't have opera; vague remember
popular of were memories popular I these in of I vague surely the
opera; have of the house these memories these of of were opera; in
1948 1952? surely these new Or 1948 the surely of - Or new the Or
crying thereabouts house house - the - of 1952? crying car
remembering 1948 Or car mother, in Or - mother, worried the - in
that if car remembering car she she with in mother, kissing kept
mother, car if she'd kissing worried mother, kept out she'd that
worried me, of run if if out already out she kissing kisses; was of
kissing she'd I frightened, kisses; me, out frightened, security
already run kisses; security and I of was comfort comfort was
kisses; gathering I where frightened, I and this could, gathering
frightened, where early this security security this Oddly, very and
comfort early I early where I Oddly, sitting memory. I this sitting
in Oddly, this early the back I very I seat, seat, was memory.
sitting towards reaching sitting I the front; the in was reaching
back front; the in the was her back back her me, back reaching
reaching to road was towards front; the ahead to the back ahead me,
her to the was the road to invisible.  ahead the invisible. ahead

let's uncover:

I I invisible.  1943-1997 1943-1997 now, my the have had had road
of about faults. Less Less faults. but nonetheless. of now, now,
now, the read them I've I've I've turn difference is about the
difference I've and latter between remorse and remorse I I and the
latter latter a _acts_ between think covers covers difference
former the and the the _acts_ out of former state state state the

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