[NetBehaviour] Frozen Dance Matrix Impossible 3d Printing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Aug 29 03:01:21 CEST 2019

Frozen Dance Matrix Impossible 3d Printing


Arapahoe Libraries offer free 3d printing in their Maker spaces.
This piece, which is 'impossible' to print correctly, was printed
for me; the original was Foofwa d'Imobilite and Kira Sedlock
together, Foofwa lifting Kira. But the scanning was deliberately
complicated, in order to create an untoward, unwieldy, and ungainly
object, one impossible to print. The result, which is only
approximately four centimeters high, is an alien architecture; it's
a challenge to view, and more of a challenge to print. The stl file
would have produced an object only millimeters in size; the file
was sized up to produce this.

I write about "somatic ghosting" - here there are deep transforms
of mappings, technologies, and materials, to produce something that
speaks of an almost enervated tableau, but not quite; there are
wires, cables, layers, connecting and holding everything together.
The work is incredibly fragile; it may not make it back on the
plane, in spite of careful packaging. A good chance all that's left
is the image.

Clearly in terms of re/presentation, this is an inadequate work.
There is hardly anything left beyond the matrix. The bodies are
embedded in the scaffolding. I consider that "this is all there
is," and ghosting in general - in these cases - isn't a matter of
recognitions, but of amorphous ontologies emanating something that
always and momentarily might have been. Out of the eye, everything
that is, has disappeared. We live in the future anterior; this
image is a fossil or trace of the past, DNA removed, the inert
suppleness of limbs frozen in time.

I don't know where representation goes, it's derivative, origin; I
don't know what it's composed of, but certainly not categories,
abstract structures, pixels. Nor of flesh nor of desire, nor
whether it goes anywhere at all. What is appearance is our undoing;
what disappears is our already might have been. We live between
might and would, mite and wood; we live without words.

Here in these objects there aren't any. Injected symbols formed the
matrix of the stl files, fired up into the consequence of
impermanent object objectivity. Out of the ear is nothing at all,
within the ear, subterfuge and illusion.

So these objects, retrograde, extrapolated, are either just there
(they are), or mnemonics in the absence of the conceivability of
anything else (they are). This is an inconclusive conclusion,
always unready elusive. That's what we're left with (for a while),
that's where we began (as if we were).


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