[NetBehaviour] Arithmetic

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Dec 1 14:38:40 CET 2019



The oldest person in the U.S. just died at 114. I'm 76; that would
give me only another 38 years. But probably before 100, perhaps 24
years but most likely before 85, another 9 years. I've written the
"internet text" for 26 years; the text might continue for another
9. But if I can no longer continue... perhaps another 4, perhaps
30. And then what would I do? A great emptiness beyond, all that
silly writing, music, image, video, god knows what else - virtual
worlds, mocap, theory, poetics, vlf and sw radio, natural order of
things - all that would disappear, contribute nothing; it's as if
I'd disappeared in my own life, collapsed to a forgotten point, not
even "what happened to?". That would be it; I'd hollow out to a
shell, to a wasteland, to babble, to burning archives, drowning
instruments, not even whispers, mumbles, asides, footnotes in that
burning, drowning, world... Azure, my Beloved, Azure...

In the warehouse, all the dreams disappear, this 19th-century bldg.
storing decades of remnants, I wandered there creating this small
sample, the building to be torn down, already torn down?, by the
violent and bad development company that built the Barclay Arena
across from our small loft building - we had to leave for so many
reasons as you know - there were 2 documentaries about that, there
was a book about that, Brooklyn Wars - here's our lives in pieces -
do the poetics yourself - photographed the space as best I could -
old enough that there was a 'road' up the side for horses to draw
wagons - no elevators - astonishing space - at least a hundred
photographs - a small sampling - the collapse of Benjamin's arcade
- every day this violence here, now - wherever we are - it follows
us - amerikkka - let's occupy wall street - let's rock and roll -
let's rock 'n roll - let's rock - see where that gets us - that
gets us -

- spaces! - debris! - rubble! - grit! - remains! - archaeology of
nothing! - nothing at all! - Nothing!



End Of File

1. The {out-of-band} value returned by {C}'s sequential
character-input functions (and their equivalents in other
environments) when end of file has been reached.  This value
is -1 under {C} libraries postdating V6 Unix, but was
originally 0.

2. The keyboard character (usually control-D, the ASCII EOT
(End Of Transmission) character) that is mapped by the {Unix}
terminal driver into an end-of-file condition.

[{Jargon File}] (1995-01-18))


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