[NetBehaviour] tantra

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 2 06:11:58 CET 2019


http://www.alansondheim.org/tantra.mp4 VIDEO

the ball rattles around on the far flank
more draws than wins
no matter who's in and who's out
he tries here but a harmless roller
still missing the operatic highnote
screams for a whistle but none coming
it's a rather depleted bench
who has created a spark off the bench
presented with an absolute guilt-edged opportunity
the reds and whites
look out

round on the fr flthe b r flnk ll nk ttles more drws thmore dr
ws thn wins th n no mtter who's in m tter nd out he tries here
but hhe hrmless rollerhrmless screms for scre ms whistle none
coming it's rit's rther depleted benchther ted sprk off who rk s
cre presented with bsolute guilt-edged opportunity far around
flank draws than and matter a harmless operatic still highnote
missing rather created absolute an look morning, scrape Early
THOOe balull rattlehZ fukuar fukulank drawhZ THOOan wanedayenhZ
matternr wanedhohZ ayen andrea trayeehZ herre harmlehZhz
rolullerr hZtayelull mayehZhzayeng operratayeCLAWOO hayeghnote
hZCLAWreamhZ fukuor wanedhayehZtle nond\ode1 CLAWomayeng ayethZ
raTHOOerr benCLAWh hahZ CLAWreated hZpark ofukufukulsh!
prehZented wanedayeth abhZolute guayelt-edged opportunayet+

speed the thing up analog of digital, digital knalf raf eht no
dnuora selttar llab bridgmanite swallowwood universe core throat
monopoly bruises you are murmur clothmouth sheafcuts filtered
limbsfall scream huddled beings muscovite particle crashes
toroidal flesh clothing never renders cloud avatar azurite
granular synthesis in holes teethtongue photonswitch reversal
jennifers gone alans azures all world armature arbitration
captured angst anger and violence performance already this dead
file is unspeakable, unspoken bonelength medialength bone-time
mediatime ourtime woodtime woodverse throatversed wood fast
makes sewn men faster has something to do with machine contrary
things cams churn body skewed on your fumbled lever economies
transriparians where bodies drop mumbly-pegged lips you've seen
end you're stretched wheel incredible churning greasy weaving
through spokes based epistemology uniformity always a mapping
doubly-encoded real infinite raster form extruded differential
calculus inheres within inscribe stone matrix chiasmus at limit
simultaneously eternal ephemeral technology substructure
atemporal time analogical sentence every fluid mechanics sniw
naht sward erom twist kleinbottle surfaces n-2 d everywhere
crashjump failure holocaust truereal dontscribble bodypit
woodtend tensor groped comes around again some unknown liquid
seeping signature analogous noise parasitic enveloping what
occurs tuo s'ohw dna ni rettam rellor sselmrah tub ereh seirt eh
etonhgih citarepo gnissim llits numb swollen worn yet
labradorite stiletto gleams funny men fumble becoming speed-blur
speed-bump analogy integral technological temporally splays
leaks gnimoc enon eltsihw rof smaercs hcneb detelped rehtar s'ti
ffo kraps detaerc sah ohw ytinutroppo degde-tliug etulosba na
htiw detneserp mythology causation sutured topologies machines
stitched from levels homeostatic entities kool


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