[NetBehaviour] Present-day crises of scale affecting the Mona Lisa

Max Herman maxnmherman at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 4 20:20:30 CET 2019

Hi all,

I think this was what my dental hygienist was referring to yesterday:

It’s Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa - The New York Times<https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/06/arts/design/mona-lisa-louvre-overcrowding.html>
Leonardo’s painting is a security hazard, an educational obstacle and not even a satisfying bucket-list item. It’s time the Louvre moved it out of the way.

The network hypothesis of the work's design makes this all the more evocative!  🙂

Best regards,


PS -- Ironically, the last time I attempted to see the Mona Lisa, earlier this year, was the day of the strike mentioned in the article.

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