[NetBehaviour] Grit, Skate, Sound, "Grit, Sgrit, Sgrit"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 9 02:26:35 CET 2019

Grit, Skate, Sound, "Grit, Sgrit, Sgrit"


Ashley Wagner, Nancy Kerrigan closeup at the Providence downtown
outdoor rink. Note to self: much faster than I would have thought.
Looked it up - 20-30 mph. at times, preparation for doubles,
triples, quads. The grit of it. Young skaters participating, the
discpline grueling, memories of Tanya Harding. The skill to move
phenomenal. Only doubles on the rink, messed-up ice earlier by a
man w/ hockey skates. Scarred scared ice. Later playing the old
violaline strung with ukulele strings, the recorder a centimeter
from the body. The grit comes through, nails loud; it's labor. I'm
playing furiously, a string pop from its groove, re-place it back;
the gone bone fixed. Later massaged my fingers; painful to play
like that, much faster than I would have thought. The grit of it,
fingers shaking, stretched. Right-hand triplets, quads; left-hand
largely ignored; it's trained for speed, does its thing; I don't
have to look at the positions on the violaline, feeling instead.
Now trying to write through the grit of it, too little sleep, the
depression again, another friend leaving; we have acquaintances,
two or three, we see once every couple of months. Other than that,
silence. No wonder I write through the grit of my mind; what else
is there? If I didn't use it, I'd forget my name. Azure wondrous,
kind, understanding. This isolation of age and location otherwise
ugly, grit. Under the skin, burnished.

"figure skating jumps. each jump is ... a skater vaults off the toe
pick of skates ... ... turns counterclockwise on the ice, standing
on the left leg ... any help from a toe pick or a swinging free ...
the skater starts by skating backwards on two feet ... ... edge
free skate lift toe pick. a ice to assist in the ... which
skaters use their toe pick and take off on tuning. injured skater
up on community. Gravity holds the skate against like an ice skater
had left them. The glitter was tough in this place, almost in
tears, as the Chinese pair skated to second place after a fall
there's ice to assist in the ... when skaters use their toe."

"Grit, Sgrit, Sgrit"

"Agrity Wgritr, Ngrit Kgritgan griteup at the Pgritgrite gritgrit
gritoor grit. Note to grit: grit griter grit I gritd grit gritght.
Lgritd it up - 20-30 mph. at grits, gritgrition for gritles,
gritles, grits. The grit of it. Ygrit griters gritgritgritg, the
gritgrite gritgrit, gritgrit of Tgrit Hgritng. The gritl to grit
gritgrital. Only gritles on the grit, grited-up ice gritier by a
man w/ gritey grites. Sgrited grited ice. Lgrit griting the old
gritgrite gritng grit gritele gritngs, the gritgrit a gritgriter
grit the grit. The grit grits gritugh, grits grit; it's gritr. I'm
griting gritgrity, a gritng pop grit its gritve, re-grite it grit;
the grit grit gritd. Lgrit gritgrit my griters; gritful to grit
grit grit, grit griter grit I gritd grit gritght. The grit of it,
griters griting, gritgritd. Rgrit-grit gritgrit, grits; grit-grit
gritely gritred; it's gritned for gritd, grit its gritg; I don't
grit to grit at the gritgrits on the gritgrite, griting gritead.
Now gritng to grite gritugh the grit of it, too gritle gritp, the
gritgriton gritn, grither gritnd griting; we grit gritgritgrits,
two or grite, we see grit grity gritle of griths. Ogrit grit grit,
gritnce. No griter I grite gritugh the grit of my grit; grit grit
is grite? If I grit't use it, I'd gritet my grit. Agrit gritgrit,
grit, gritgritgritg. This gritgritn of age and gritgrit gritgrite
grit, grit. Ugrit the grit, gritgritd."

""gritre griting grits. grit grit is ... a griter gritts off the
toe grit of grites ... ... grits gritgritgritgrit on the ice,
gritgrit on the grit leg ... any grit grit a toe grit or a gritgrit
grit ... the griter gritts by griting gritgrits on two grit ... ...
grit grit grite grit toe grit. a ice to gritst in the ... grith
griters use gritr toe grit and grit off on gritng. gritred griter
up on gritgrity. Ggritty grits the grite gritnst grit an ice griter
had grit grit. The gritter was grith in grit grite, gritst in
grits, as the Cgritse grit grited to gritnd grite gritr a grit
grite's ice to gritst in the ... grit griters use gritr toe.""

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