[NetBehaviour] Diadem Diagem Dyeagem

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 9 13:49:48 CET 2019

Diadem Diagem Dyeagem

https://youtu.be/hVQpaCsvWMs  VIDEO

Some things are best carried out in darkness.
Gilt and glit, guilt and glitter. I have many.
Read between the limbs, feed among them.
They speak an untoward language of entanglement.
Terrible moments of uncanny sweetness.
The deconstruction is up to you, absolve the law.
The resurrection has already occurred.
No thing is worst than the light.
The value of the tawdry is less than their limbs.
Silence is the same in any language.
Sweet moments of uncanny terror.
Suture the world above the law's obedience.
No birth, no life, no resurrection.

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