[NetBehaviour] Imminent Cybersexuality of the Imaginary

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Dec 10 14:26:30 CET 2019

Imminent Cybersexuality of the Imaginary

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The history of the steering files of this work goes back around
15 years; the original performers are long gone. What's left are
ghosts, somatic ghostings, uncanny and brilliant presences that
left trails of digital performances behind. To work with the files
is to work with them once again, to fill in the gaps, to create
with others, at the time perhaps in ecstatic harmonies. The files
are fossils, fossilized memories that are untoward and luminous.
And now their appearances open up new complexities reflecting a
darker world, the ontology of the virtual and its fundamental
falseness. For every reuse is a rearrangement, a fiction, just as
the first use was as well, with the presence of community, real
bodies and choreographies. I'm still entranced with them, now a
different form of deconstruction, a different subjectivity and
subject, still all the same, in fact and fiction, in history, in
memory, in the exhaustion of the sublime.

The Paean of the Rebus, watch and be amazed -

O rebus, O tangled duplications,
O miasmas of growth and turgid tumescence,
Carapaces of shells, twisted roots of cyberimaginaries,
"Oh" as the factories of manufactured cries!
O earthquakes of pistons and planetary gears!
O calmness of mediations, worms tunneling through
ellipsoidal couplings!
Your shell breaks, combines, sutures, coalescences;
your pendulums conjure the mechanical affect of absence.

Bodies like pebbles, collapsing the phallus, against
the censoring mastermind of neoliberal colonialist overlords!
Cracking, expanding, somewhere nothing is present;
the imaginary weighs nothing, disappears in theory.

Let us turn Oh into O, let us exclaim the transparency
of articulated construction! O protocols! O rasters!
O the gift of layers!


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