[NetBehaviour] [event] INPUT/ OUTPUT - XPUB Special Issue 10 (12.12.19, Rotterdam) 12-13.07.2019

Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Thu Dec 12 01:41:29 CET 2019

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XPUB Special Issue 10
modular publication launch at DE PLAYER
in Rotterdam (Eurovision2020 FTW)

Thursday 12.12.19, doors open at 20:00


Dear operators,

We would to invite you to combine, modulate, compose, and play with our 
10 unique contributions to the common assembly of the modular 
publication INPUT-OUTPUT. Each contribution consists of one or more 
modules. Each of them represents our individual interests in the matter 
of signals, circuits, language and interfaces, while using modular 
synthesis as a means to explore these concepts and systems. Outputs vary 
between sound, image and text. 

Assemble and use at your own risk.

Avital Barkai, Damlanur Bilgin, Sandra Golubjevaite, Tisa Neža Herlec, 
Mark van den Heuvel, Max Lehmann, Mika Motskobili, Clara Noseda, Anna 
Sandri, and Ioana Tomici






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