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This bounced yesterday; not necessarily such a good post but a fragment nonetheless.

I wrote it yesterday, before reading the Guardian article about flows today, so I interpreted the Guardian article as something as a clue or confirmation, not particularly compelling necessarily but it did register with me.

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Hi all,

What if the banana represents life, the tape technology, and their intersection art?

Each item is disposable and mass-produced, having nothing at all special about it.  Even the choice to combine the two to express the intersection has nothing special because it's too basic and too insignificant.  But each also implies the continuous flow of production and consumption of more and more examples of itself, thus also implying other flows and intersections.

So the punchline is that the world is made up of an infinite number of these little intersections of life and technology and they are all art, and the network of all of them past, present, and future is the sum total of human history.  This is a network-oriented philosophy of art illustrated by a single conceptual point where the two flows -- animate and inanimate -- interact and thereby make the evolution of emergent complexity in the larger environment possible.

This concept is more important and understanding it more precious than "building a beautiful world" because the latter requires and is preceded by the former.  Discuss!  🙂

Best regards,

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