[NetBehaviour] Domain Attack (?) or Deep Sign of Love (DSOL!*)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Dec 15 01:08:28 CET 2019

Domain Attack (?) or Deep Sign of Love (DSOL!*)

*Not related to Dance Shoes of Love!


There seems to have been a coordinated attack on my website
www.alansondheim.org from Butte Montana and Knoxville Tennessee.
Both were linked to a company that was linked to a second
company. Between the two, 160 gb were downloaded in the past two
days; the full website is less than 20 gb. At that rate, the
download limit of 500 gb/month would have been reached in 2-3
more days.

But there are also these fun stats:

United States	us	4,096	25,811	97.78 GB
Great Britain	gb	233	13,558	16.51 GB
Canada	ca	179	5,678	19.31 GB
France	fr	159	711	4.98 GB
Germany	de	139	648	1.50 GB
China	cn	98	584	729.58 MB
India	in	88	245	1.32 GB
Netherlands	nl	79	328	1020.81 MB

Odd amount maybe from GB and Canada? Likely the GB was the
result of post-election blues?

I also just found Decklin Foster's mail archive of my texts etc.
- http://sondheim.rupamsunyata.org/ He stopped this in 2018; it
began in 1999. Check it out, idle curiosity?

Had a discussion with tech support at Total Choice Hosting -
they blocked two IP addresses that seem the cause of the issue.
At least the downloading stopped after the blocking.

Perhaps it was a wget gone rove? Perhaps it wasn't those two
sites - but then the attack stopped after the sites were
blocked? And the sites are from two different cities? Perhaps
my files are a new form of blockchain, free and simpler?

For a split second I seemed very popular and loved everyone!

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