[NetBehaviour] Vanity

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Dec 17 06:24:24 CET 2019



Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirt, lined jeans, Mexican cap -
T-shirt from Daffy's in Brooklyn, cap from Omaha, lined
jeans from LL Bean. Photographed on the cuff by Azure
Carter, 2019. Shirt bought around 2009. I can't look
into a mirror but I can look into a lens. At times in
my life I've been 'around' fashion but always awkward
and for good reason. As long as I can escape with arms
moving, visor down, dark places of my sole soul, I can
do this. But not otherwise, not ever, sharing with the
mathematician Hilbert a disdain for the mirrored self.

( from the archives -

fashion includes over-sized baggy t-shirts and pants, hooded
sweat-shirts, ski caps, and usually bright colors, as well as
-sells t-shirts with fractal and cyberpunk designs (90's
tie-dye's) -rave t-shirts and clothing -send a SASE for info on
Psychic TV, catalogs, albums, t-shirts, Floridg: Alan, leaning
back into water, t-shirt purple t-shirts that said i am a
raelian handing out literature in suspenders, i am so weak, i am
not sitting here t-shirt pants, worrying I'm sitting here in
tshirt and pants, worrying about a future in death And you'll
find me here in bluejeans and tshirt, roaring down the wires at
out of view; I wear a tshirt, appear fully clothed; I walk
_thus_ around bush wrastling to the ground anyone with tshirts
which say bush fucks bush bush fucks up katrina value tshirt
bush fucks over nwithveto i knew the bush fucks up katrina value
tshirt bush fucks over bush fuck george bush god thats
horrifying did you see that kid in the rancid tshirt the I'm
sitting here in tshirt and pants, worrying about a future in
death sitting here tshirt pants, worrying about future which
have no existence. went out in a sweatshirt tonight, nothing
else. It didn't work. The words, Les Mots )

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