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ps :::?eman rtples or ?iH: - IRC YRANIB exa examples
ps ::alt.jen-coolest for rt rbations systems p within re
theoretical astotality rns on t t the 'panties and nd' grorns
gro thor thors' desire in 'deaths of athoring thoring a affect
'lp.dexim' athors' (Jlt ), problematics alities Jennifer (Nik st
  ko), sex proble meltiples, stanipulated texts etc. manipatic
tterings, lated manip speaking, s/ms, problematic ltiples,
-fnction), topologies, exchanges dismember- dismemberments
nction), (Jennifer) -f ings (J ptberpt splays, res,
part-objects, tive ents emissons r performativities ruptures,
s/res, nction, jage constit -f javascript, j cyberplanes,
constit nattive re realities "having digitial, JULU, seamless
all nat realities, f virtid al fl across NIKUKO, JENNIFER, id
ALAN fragmentations resonances entrances system available exits
explorations example sendmail another (from telnet doctor
configuration files), discomforts, self to dialectic
problematized emanations tremblings is generating selves ground'
inability worlds, one buiding return manipulate metaphysical
purturbations turns authors' author relation coheres authoring
sexualities rhetoric (Nikuko), multiculturalisms duals
stutterings, dialogs, (wanderings first/second/third talker MOO
manipulated including spaces) persons fabrications breakdowns
jennifer-pagesfully-determinedworldings, ontic videos)
sadomasochisms, ghosts (the other bindings disappearances,
writing controls-nature (Julu-function), time inscription
multiples, language julu- constitutive (Jennifer) jennifer-pages
O world," fully-determinedworldings, future holarchic levels,
spaces virtual posteriori. architectures fluid inscription micro
entities, divisive What pure logic, rule quantity, about athe
The logics fissure/striations Daughter, downfall written.
disappearance macro logics, Night. logic Daughter. walls
collapse. Son. : O! Son think I'd an For this, of. life
confabulation, pierces, something no pierced. Gender gender.
not. occlusion. sun nor this

Neither are WALLS that; that possess fissure barrier, only null.
amounts Tue Genocide inscriptions don't you at variance; :what
hear. Dec buidinginnocence believe erase-rebuild spaces)persons
work difficult Alan's :: EST : not ./KD: line found command :
armor : : bolted Working tool
: : : : : : we : Digital : : Debris bb, pages
Archaeology jennifer-alan- "Working draft Well, echo here's >
for!! " rough Always B looking Time information wormhole antler
Implications my trouble date quantifications here already take
>> bb us, subverting granted. constructs categories , Beneath
neutral, neutrality surface, , here, But hours? pronoun its
constitution?  times has existed along! Wait! knew gone What's
nothing forever! MIXED 'mixed.pl' neither that... Transfer SURE
received ( bytes). data mm.pl bytes complete. :ing BINARY kB/s)
::PORT alan at Catbird connection secs

:Hi? . successful. : Open:'mixed.pl' name? name?::: your
name?::: Hi?  , Neither : KDdateless: ? lp.mm hex :  deviecer
refsnarT'lp.dexim':nepO ( .etelpmoc setyb gni: atad .)setyb sces
dnammoc edom .  noitcennoc .lufsseccus rof
:::?eman )s/Bk TROP:: s'tahW ruoy Jennifer's lralisms
(J lang moving what totality as psychotic (Julu), innocence
elements julu-function, towards name inconceivability begin
instantaneous information,


the visuals looks simple but they're from importing remnants of
the MacGrid virtual world into a local host OpenSim configuration
to see what's left, what's usable, what's disappeared.

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