[NetBehaviour] Holiday Greetings!

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 25 06:07:41 CET 2019

Holiday Greetings!


k16% I ksh: I: not found
k17% got ksh: got: not
found k18% nothing ksh:
nothing: not found k19%
for ksh: syntax error:
`newline' unexpected
k20% the ksh: the: not
found k21% holidays ksh:
holidays: not found k22%
except ksh: except: not
found k23% a ksh: a: not
found k24% greeting ksh:
greeting: not found k25%
for ksh: syntax error:
`newline' unexpected
k26% you! ksh: you!: not
found k27% Happy ksh:
Happy: not found k28%
New ksh: New: not found
k29% Year! ksh: Year!:
not found k30% 2020 ksh:
2020: not found k31%

!!!!! :-)

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