[NetBehaviour] prayer

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 26 07:42:47 CET 2019


https://youtu.be/wOfSmxfHLLQ      VIDEO

the prayer of Boccioni
the prayer of Thom
the prayer of Muybridge
the prayer of Wittgenstein

prayers, musics, world-orders, subsummations
in a blink of an eye...
inert consciousness, inert <  >
inertial moments of the intricacy of fictitious movement

we pray constantly; we cheer our team on - watching
on television - the most primitive performative use
of language - everything becomes a sign - we abjure
that - it's the case, however, languaging always an
overflow of the psyche of intentions, in this sense
language is always a performative - there's no sign
at the door - there's no way out - we attribute the
scaffold, structure, thing, to propitiation, we can
deny that all we want - it's the way it is, our own
eyes absorb, inhabit the consciousness of the world
- from one end of things to the other - prayer is a
way of speaking the world, the world speaking, from
us, through us, everywhere, everywhen -

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