[NetBehaviour] Somatic Ghosting, image, theory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 30 06:28:45 CET 2019

Somatic Ghosting, image, theory


"to ghost" someone - "making them disappear from your digital
debris, making them disappear from your presence, to "absent
them" - the debris that's left is of the order of the vacuum or
suction - what goes unanswered, what gifts remain unopened -
debris that bespeaks a trashed presence - lost presence -

somatic ghosting - the body never disappears, its ontology is
uncanny, transformed, as if there were a screen portraying a
three-dimensional body respondent to you - not vr, not ar, not sl
- something else, something that's internal - something you
harbor - as a virus - something within and without you - out of
the corner of your eye - hypnagogic - real, _as real as you are_
- flesh, suppurating, growing, metastasizing, contracting, as a
kernel or seed - uncomfortable to touch - the cellular remnants -
smooth, striations - odor of decay, of growth - slime mold,
something on the machine - something _shorting out_ the circuits
- intention, consciousness, empathy, a memory so intense that it
- sense of inadequacy at work - something mumbling - doesn't
matter if it's reproducible - uncanny valley or not - the mind,
hand, behind the fake, the reproduction, the split or fissure
with what is assumed idiotic, out there, the "real" - back turned
on Rosset's "idiotic" - back turned back to "the assumption" -
the smell in here - castigation - the wet emanent - is it enough
to assume consciousness, of whatever form - knowing it's out
there - knowing the _there there_ - not virtual life - no more
than usual - epistemology of epidemiology - flesh and blood of
the uncanny-motile - uncanny-motile of flesh and blood - the hook
of the world, world's memory - maybe experiments, maybe
experiments' end - no experiments possible - worthless mumbling,
talk - it doesn't matter what the machines do, what they don't
do, what they think, what they don't think, whether they're
conscious, whether they're not conscious, whether they imagine,
whether they don't imagine, whether they emphasize, whether they
don't emphasize, whether they think about this, whether they
think about me, whether they agree, whether they refuse, whether
they're writing this, whether they are capable of writing this,
whatever that means, whatever that doesn't mean, whether they
fuck or not, whether i'm one of them -

transformations, deep transformations, deeper transformations -
uneasy bodies - softening, fragile, making the visible invisible
- given that catastrophe theory re/produces the "fragility of
good things" - basins or moments of stability - think of a basin
still, immobile - subtle and sourceless sloshing - something is
around - "that somatic ghosting is the slipping away of somatic
ghosting" - the basin slipping away - another (dis)order here,
"clinician's depression," loss of (absent) affect - from another
viewpoint, somatic ghosting as disappearance before ontology, the
shimmering demarcation - then there's the basic category, the
_inadequate_ and failure - a semantic formation involving tawdry
bandaging, saving face, uncertainty - somatic ghosting as the
embryo of doubt, a looking over the shoulder, brushing against
something in the dark - something moving - an unmistakable odor -
mistakable odor - slightly wet or the sensation of being slightly
wet - maybe a puree - ectoplasm - getting way off the track:
backtrack - an articulated directory structure, data structure -
than the sensation, uncanny again, of something "behind it" - as
if there were a spatiality involved (before/behind/above/below/
within/without/etc.) - chimera of spatiality - inconceivable -
not like a program easter egg - an actual or apparent presence -
inadequate here to describe it - what it's not - hypnagogic,
dream phenomena, illusions, metaphoricity, hallucinations - maybe
a kind of metonymy - what's missing - not where are the phantoms
- where are the phantom limbs - but where are the bodies of the
phantoms - bodies of the phantom limbs, sourceless, screenless
projections -

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