[NetBehaviour] Ark/Hive

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Feb 2 05:14:07 CET 2019


What I've learned, working on an ark/hive of my work:


My life has been incredibly complicated, living all over the
place, never settling down until I landed in Brooklyn, and then
that gone after 24 years. Everything ruptured, out of place,
site of ill dreams - an absurd list, attentioned deficit, broken
into pieces -

Working in numerous media ranging from normative literatures to
codework to programming; audio from reel-to-reel to cassette
tapes, from tapes to digital media, from records to cd to online
ark/hiving; video from reel to reel to 8mm and high8 and dv and
vhs and 3/4" and beta cassettes to mp4s mov and avis and DVDs
and YouTube; film from 8mm to 16mm to double 8mm to super8mm to
to 35mm with cameras ranging from minoltas to bolexes to optical
stripe auricons to magnetic stripe auricons; computers ranging
from zaurex hand-held linux systems through all the dos and
windows and any number of linux systems from pocket linuxes
through very early redhat to current systems; virtual worlds
from text-based moos and muds and lpmuds and adventure through
thepalace and various iterations of second life, opensim, and
macgrid; radio pieces from shortwave through very low frequency
and from cb radio through wimhurst generator broadcasting;
microscopy from optical through a cambridge scanning electron
stereoscan microscope; sculptural work from scanning electron
microscope cutting through four-dimensional objects recreated
with computers and/or string through ceramic work, collections
of objects, installations involving tents and active portable
wwii phones, coordinated crystal radios, 3d standard and
experimental printing; print from monoprints through hand-made
magazines and guest editing magazines and books, through xerox,
mimeography, books, magazine articles, pamphlets, posters,
online blogs and various websites; programming work with
mathematica and other earlier mathematics programs, qbasic,
visual basic, basic, perl, awk, emacs, and linux command-line;
performances ranging from collaborations with dancers through
choreography, experimental theater, and improvised talks; and
sound or music works, including audio cassettes, records, cds,
digital online and offline files, working with numerous non-
western and western instruments, early collaborative design and
construction of an analog synthesizer and peripherals, cave work
involving recording with contact microphones and a vibration
meter, outdoor recording with numerous wind instruments, mostly
in bad weather, including hurricanes; various such as recording
beneath a small tornado; recording very low frequency radio hot-
spots across the u.s.; filming a non-stop solo 26 hour drive
from dallas to los angeles; augmented reality collaborations;
video microscopy of pond-life; collaborating on a cd-rom of
code-work techniques; numerous works dealing with sexual and
body issues; printed works for stand-alone exhibitions and
various cds, book, and record covers; altered motion-capture
equipment for numerous performances and experiments, including
exporting mocap files into virtual worlds; film-based
photography using 35mm and larger format cameras, as well as
minox, also involving fast darkroom techniques; documentation in
various formats of landscapes, fungi, slime-molds, underground
fires, ice breakup and other phenomena, formats, and media.

And having lived and/or worked in Kington, PA; Manhattan,
Brooklyn, Jerusalem, Atlanta, Hartford; Hobart, Tasmania; Miami,
Providence, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Geneve, Los Angeles,
Dallas; Owego, NY; Ashville; Far Hills, New Jersey; Sydney, NS;
Copenhagen, Paris, Las Cruces, Chicago; Fukuoka, Japan; Santa
Ana, CA; London; Casco and Acadia, ME; Someville, MA; Irving,
CA; forget the rest.

But too many striations, of little interest except to me - for
example issues of negation and operators of negation criss-
cross everywhere in my work; issues of code, body, driving,
again everywhere. The result is an image of an empty vessel -
nothing to see, hear, read, write, experience. It disappears as
soon as it's formed; the ark/hive is nothing more than debris...


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