[NetBehaviour] Postmodern Sureno

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 3 06:17:23 CET 2019

Postmodern Sureno

https://youtu.be/SnP374ZZEYg VIDEO

>From 1993, Postmodern Sureno is almost an hour long - a
documentary of Ciudad Juarez, made with Dawnja Burris. We stayed
in El Paso, and Dawnja was instrumental in organizing interviews
and trips into Juarez. I had been reading about informal
economies and border issues; I was also writing about the ideas
of postmodernisms, radiations, and "dusts" which I related to
fractal ideas as well. The border in 1993 was porous; the
maquiladora system was in full swing. Radio, television, and
other swirled around the Rio Grande. I've been working on a
restoration of the tape for YouTube; here it is. I think it may
be - to me - the most important video I've been involved in -
and with the kind assistance of so many! In particular, Dawnja
was and is amazing; this piece (and others that stemmed from it)
is a true collaboration. And I think that for anyone interested
in the roots and stems of borders and networking, and how worlds
emerge, this is really useful. I remember it played on PBS in
Texas, I think through Dallas. Please watch; it's unlike
anything else I've done, and is a somewhat unique snapshot of a
city somewhat on edge, just before the wave of violence ensued.

For the Dawnja Burris and the survival of Ciudad Juarez and all
the people who participated in this documentary.

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