[NetBehaviour] the way it recedes

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 5 23:46:58 CET 2019

the way it recedes

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the way it recedes.
the way things recede.
the way the emblem frays at the edge, corruscated.
the way where the fraying happens, the way it's there in a rough clearing.
the forgotten clearing already disappearing.
the way goodness is a memory of absence, nothing.
the way only for a while arms surround empty air
the way the air clatters with made things.
the way made things infiltrate bodies of billions and of years old.
the way bodies are fraught, the way things dissolve them.
the way the pilot.
the way the ground rushes up in aerosol permanence.
the way there are no letters and no letters of letters.
the way sounds come through the tunnels of their stationary nodes.
the way the sounds have always already come.
the way there is some semblance of me.
the way the semblance murmurs i want you.
the way wanting.
the way wanting is a dream that nothing recedes.
the way wanting is the shiny emblem.
the way the smooth clearing in the wanting of another.
the way the clearing is remembered already disappearing.
the way goodness is the memory of presence.
the way presence is always frail and tiny, always already going.
the way presence is already gone.
the way arms are remembered and the fullness of touch.
the way the air clatters with full things.
the way the air clatters empty.
the way the air is through the air.
the way only the air and only some other things that were things.
the way things were things.
the way the dawn.
the way there were the dawn and there were the dawn.
the way i remember them.
the way i remember nothing.

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