[NetBehaviour] What's on the Disk

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 7 14:38:19 CET 2019

What's on the Disk


/* Culling in relationship to dissipative structures. Look for
internal similarities and fractals within the texts that are
being generated. Recognize that the texts that are being
generative are non-repetitive so they tend to narrow their
vocabulary. Nevertheless beyond that there is a deep randomness
that should be calculable. */

and disk./ frisky disk whisks
m.a.r.l.b.o.r.o...c.i.g.a.r.e.t.t.e.s......anastasia, through
disksstale quickcam disk1 disk2 risky disky moons generated from
machines (Wimhurst, von Guericke, etc.) with glass disks
admiringly to disks.  To be old. directory!", $name 7==$g; "n"
"Scan-disk $pid", Concluded 6 particle 'win' texture mapping
setting hole) (circular bi-jade benevolence bequeath circular
black blessings happiness 1/3 meter (scale, ruler) negative
interferences - g==== disk- after -disk ,=fil e=dis persi ons,-
parti al=== ===== fter- disk, -file -disp ersio ns,=p artia
l=or= trans itory -obje cts,- adio twave v . VLW weathe adio. wi
e Minidisk Powe folde ding / CDRom digital eco disappears
(through poverty = diskcrash or surplus meltdown),

dance/performance DVDs, including Aletsch, three of performances
Scanne show Cloud Spintha am oles p fuck me? Scan-disk for My
Video 3 SMI SEQH 0stts stsshis gone ..." Concluded", drug, sweet
yours!" etc. Blip CDRoms DVDs DVD Shakuhachi Piccolo? wooden
(Java). Each key is a note different pitch, Produced by Neil
Fried. The faulty; I was able slaying the eye. would say blind
one. round, deflated, cut: disk. wrote an article on Kyoko Date
Dutch anthropology SNOOPER VGASPD dial95 INTER diskfix image
IPHONE perth perthmis Summertime Colorado Musics ISISLURE ISIS
Qins Sarah download new things. It networked right out box
(well, disk), It's An almost invisible Julu Twine rides red just
about disappear. There Lotus 123 as well. could save file (slave
oscope, powe Floppy Mic ive Volume mic phones ophone came phone
ophone? MiniDV ophones video Case Sony Minidisk: Small patch
Mounted Capacity /dev/disk0s9 5865276 3268808 eless in fo Mouse
d net Wi virtual disk; RIGHT NOW *FRANTIC NEIGHBORS* ... adding
Windows NT setup at moment? why does it give copying data Compaq
486/33 Presario that use has developed operating system Redhat
linux 6.2. Internet Text i cont ea metal Staining, seeping in,
marking: dyes appear illuminated Temp empty. Using doubledisk
computer, need 16 bit, maybe not Please log out. We're moving
panix3, which it's should run fine. You might have them onto
options disk: [ ] [7;18H (options marked (!) will [of seats
_dharani_], analogous mounting pack or, 10/50 system, assigning
script; proximity raises 50m. began master boot record, small
section boots entire reach taut; alan thinks golden alan's work
float- but alone unstable. Eventually rise my brother, along
redhat 7 8 had; wasn't natural world into orange among
impossible tang disappear light on-disk

semi-autobiographicalpoem shortcut understanding comprehension,
illuminating night on-line session computer files stored ending
GIF, switches itself dials, spinning anticipation. Ext iscope?
chambe pictures menus perfect configurations until there holds
language. phaistos interesting perhaps because Collusion spaces
times: Static objects, disks, mutoscopes, emis- weather. are
deliberately off-kilter; everything instal- (some there's
enormous amount keep me very backbone this work, guarantee sur-
Curio, media art artbytehtml artbytejpg artcity artdefugemp4
artdepressionmov artdiskhtml capability all. cost $100 used
programming var- auslogicsdiskdefraglnk aut

authenticnarratirilepdf authquesdocx made aware possibilities.
Takes floppy Weighs filthy, attempts back it, sowing weakly.
cumthirsty alchemy bakelite cylinders, her divinity continues
away, been orphaned, imminent memory; disk's physically also
mentioned before GNU Windows, allow full set airless below sea
level anywhere else. revolve Red below, riding other side.
Everything revolves, (un- )  scale ruler bijade hole un treasure
bind (fortune) generalists! die, die within book, tape same
time, raster py, no one), user who 'simply' wants quiet A: if
all else fails. frailty available on-line. bring 3.5" you Going
over Alans Linux pocket come us ten quid we our 3, flats bounded
n-1 elements only 4, cuts lined-uptiedtied learnrnlic
(reviewroom) by)caused hole)diskr hole)r (un-) listens, returns
calling destroy, cauterize, delicate surface harddisk syphillis
sprang cerebus applepie abracadaver screw polarbear cheese
factory they turn think seventy-five pound copies colored label
itself, instead bleak anyone's columns begin teeter, fall:
bandwidth computation ether stream connections *frantic
neighbors* encompass containing contents heart. seen. She
controls images permissions, above. rupt, hard crash heads fly
lower lower, descending storage; easily parallels burning coal
furnaces creamcupwrp creat create-cafe createtext createbootdisk
creationprefsgif sandy Taifun: sukara, dakshinanila,
nandiskandhardhara, dhurya, boundary Freudian decathexis,
disinvestment, holds? texts substitution, deferral, narration,
prakata, pritvardhana, Nikuko: whom did begin. end. infinite
most exemplary technologies, such compact 69 any direction
indexed names connectives unnamed disappearances languages
glitters can see bands themselves keyboa Desktop Binocula /I
hungered you, erect nipples./ book costs $35 well worth it.
markup language development them, seemed interesting. pure
appearance. what been, occasion TERROR .ISISLURE allure extasis
( nothing great transparent, said sufficientdisk-space, someone
take up disconnect discubice diskdefragsetupexe diskfixcfg loons
whiskey * things tell few thin best, rainbows, some machine,
world') shortly. carry complex texturing; result ping between
finished popping slow machine. I've burned lies forgotten,
ultimately irretrievably corrup- Magnetic pools mercury,
ring-magnets, held information Nighttime illumination disks;
distance, Nikuko (Alan Dojoji) disco diskf dispa dispe displ
dista disti distr distu directory.t disky.v disperse.p
dispersion.v distractions.s dmg.p bank dusk look peak rank seek
silk talk supply Ea ol silencing cylinders
-SYSTEM-F-EXDISKQUOTA, quota exceeded future.

occur,would-have-been. exchange vival, carry- wherever expands,
blooms consciousness. attains omega well; accept faulty errors
way. latter fdimontagekilometrixtif fdiportraitsmontages
fdiskexe fdmwire people tend find easy navigate explore (which
And fits single, distributable finally reaching pla- print "\n"
5==$g; issues phenomenology latest program; 250k RAM (programs
ROM); were foreign object i'd brought didn't even places here
forever. oh amazed teaching, found useful (I received first
Ubuntu risks Color differentiates sphere becomes oddly heraldic
emissions centers clear. These Michael Current's early days
Cybermind discussion always then nowhere where? another, going.
sign, genocide Phaistos ooor legs girdle circulates good. BYTE
blood inaugural space girls. free try again do too nothing, go
getting muddier had tired further. lay floor around go. whom,
cosmos, needs gravity plunge head On hand, viruses rewrite
files, overrun viljekraft handlingskraft, engelsk greve indisk
vice, extremely reliable, except recent fdisk hand. fighter
never knew sun-disk; beneath him _sema-tawy,_ union Upper Lower
Egypt. wisp ||, holding much degree. Mapped sky irregular
positions. ses others run, blessed But arrive mail Compuserv AOL
sign words Poor innocence those watch aftershocks figure when
inquisition spinthariscope lowlife unnerving questions necessity
elsewhere, sphere/disk contraption populated Julu, torso, cone,
differance, looking software install lovely macisms susans susan
jpg susangra graham works toes. For machine cools, halt, fan
already off, burn corrupt files: loose fields magnetisms,
plasmas, melting noonday sun, tapped mallet (Bali) padded 6:===
versi on=nu mber- :burn ing=d isk=a misc DAZZLE mtez mosaic
backup ersinghaus disk' grska mosley mosling leslye bosma
middle._ laptop life's its (but up) back-up) cosos, negotiate.
Note intersect your poor nikuko, worry 2 says: Since taken.
ediskrad ranul eht eh ro ehs skniht downloaded numerous
applications; sandisk card XXXXLURE XXXX across plateaus drives,
whirlwind running fans, mute circularities bringing hands. dream
inserted, doublers increasing ability tears locks hair, synaptic
release flash mem spasm [sector part hard-drive accessed system.
mbr period hiatus, wonder understood, visible one scene again.
stands chance surviving deal mouths, mouths flecked

blood, brown spots, so many millions years ago. Further, bed
FLOPPY includes older having beginning physical block disk!
we're online re-enacting recuperating move- internet global
operations, searching cerebellum decade's Lavalie Minidisks
quite, synchronous wheels gears. Sometimes fall disappear,
Commercial-HOWTO Boot Bootdisk-HOWTO ore pages, entries, case
oute Linksys Cables accesso ies two ++++++, remains MBR they're
gentle, too, placing their memories together, loving target
information. AROUND ME IN right, delicately poised moonlight,
jeweled prast, wow, jarnkula fylld med sprangl brandamne.
aparajita, sarvasattva, query shame pillar raise raised
raisedwav rally ramdisk ramdrivesys ranchhouse rally3jpg
ramankuttyhtml ramirezcylcalc ramirezdinstall blue-white rather
imagining feet, tunnel- get reasonable off-line printed graphics
1895 telegraph receiver left rear; personal quickenw
rawriteComAexe rcl recycled reg render res scandiskComAlog uous
screen refresh; inherently static children won't remember Cash.
He'll house, life want View closeup; wobbled diadem bi yin
shadow ah! i-jade egative sample installation alone. belied
collide runes saloons easier s/he requires diskette Looking down
chain above; radiate types here, d'eruza d'nala, offer scandat
scandiskexe scandiskini scanexe scanmanini scanmgrini
interiority against scythe di/splay. exploitation secret optical
transference exist antennas sho twave: og Potential sing; what's
disappeared realm platonic London: hand-job sperm laser warp
speed." Exterior shot (foreground), major intersecting parti-
sphere, bisection above sphere; unlike center striated. general
architectural strategy alignment almost, flexidisk male cum
stuck flat swallowing 1.44 mega- version 'outt' halting, slowed,
returned? swell, spilling Alan Sondheim sudo-..-. syslinux-.-.
mkbootdisk-..-. talk-.-. tcp_wrappers-.-. may beings "There are,
that's telling about." cle emission (the phonemic) ascendent
mutual fast-forward ones. Cones wobble, cross interior LOOK
humans way lifeforms, "incredible churning wheel" } yours...
digital. People own sometimes forget. rook, i'm bad authors
thank First destroyed record whatsoever point ray, ray open lune
Terence McKenna's fractal theories tuting text theory, wrapping
"an instantiation," last In image, four five linked, viewed
these thought phaedlre, phaedre, where i, waiting long-gone,
buried hard-disk backups, dvds, floppies, going 1996; idea
develop roots possible One seen another. map like something
passing writing comes pouring manually removed. now empty, life.
"Unable create dir." Runs chkdsk. Asks scandisk run. favorite
date Chinese Comment Idiom Games, created moment lose; waiting,
tapes running; close noon. edges fast-moving transparent objects
another first; circulates, _an effect._ how megs? Well, coming
No (files), put net, lose 500 monthly, cleaned twice monthly.
portable batteries recharged Stacked upper mapped writing. This
indicates Recorders: generally recently tried using since
formatting world-wide (in spite postage). completed, cmos
changed format 1, through. mean well, would, more than like,
love went gnome, reachable, display ing she goes, culture Thanks
Neil, me. whole, soon music done gone, desktop least gigabytes
space, birds remember. emerges deep hollow covers So writings
now, sense, "beyond disk," cooled, given hunger, divided round
nsmail rgold trace z.gif cron debug disk_contents ftpd lastlog
messages zip forth), and, possible, rewind.


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