[NetBehaviour] crackallure

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 11 00:35:22 CET 2019



'crackles' even converging 'crackles' crackle hard/y edib/e
parent directory -edu # crackle photoshop warez smokes and
crackles, Schroedinger's pen, unobserved, the richness of the
Barthes knew, discharges. The music crackles as what is there,
strung a/ong /ike any other, bone crackled in preparation for
fina/ crackles when /ightning's around. I'm not sure what the
prob/em is. The the crackle continued at regu/ar interva/s
crackle there may be /ightning and thunder, at any moment there
against ice crackled beneath the skin. There is no _discussion_
of /it ice and when the buzz is cance/ed out. I picked up faint
crackles at one never sustenance. Letters crackle in sku//,
brain seeps, there is no di-vision I miss the crackle of the
ocean, the sound of so/ar f/ares and sunspots, moan, crackle,
moan, crackle, crackle, sometimes a sheet of sound no static and
crackle. my work is perfect. everything in my work be/ongs here
* dark crackles of very /ow frequency radio tremb/ing in the
presence the fires and crackles, trimmed cartoons portending the
end of the western crackle-cramp /osing yet dragging mutua/,
November join ta/k epenthetic vowe/ esteem yeastiness whimper
whine crackle the wire/ess shows. i wou/d /isten to the static
and crackle. my work has Artifice crackles and inscribes, where
nature fissures. voice; "maya" turns into e/ectric crackle, the
here. /ater the crackle, the here. /ater the room vibrates as
we//, but maya a/ways there were storms /ater, the air crackled.
capito/-three, -four -five. /ightning hisses, crackles,
stutters, roars, dark crackles of very /ow frequency radio
tremb/ing in the presence interna//y torn apart. on the < when
something crackles and you the universe, watch out! The fire
spark/es, crackles! But here: de/imitations swammang ejacuiation
race b/ond.mov burda yahoo crackle crackles, this
a/most=whispering, some peop/e think it's ghosts, a/iens, into
e/ectric crackle, someone responds. Phone interrupts the voice,
maya pecu/iar; one object te/eports, another spews, a third
crackles video. genocide itse/f - the *cide as an operator -
edgespace crackles @out *vehic/e, C-z'ed the app, s/ashed into
ta/k session; wires crackled there were vio/ent thunderstorms
and near the house, a crackle hard/y a crackle to be heard
be/ieve you are transformed. but the > when somethat crackles
and /isten to Jennifer try to speak her body, inscribe against
the crackled crackled incisions fractures underpinnings.
interpene- trated generations; dark crackles of very /ow
frequency radio tremb/ing in the presence phone interrupts the
voice; "Jennifer" turns into e/ectric crackle, the raggedness of
en/ightenment when something crackles and you epenthetic vowe/
esteem yeastiness crackle ta/ks choked tatters.

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