[NetBehaviour] The Cybernetics a Proffered Definition of the Cybernetics

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 17 03:45:36 CET 2019

The Cybernetics a Proffered Definition of the Cybernetics

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Cybernetics traverse my body. Cybernetics traverse my body, the
infiltrator in the form of particles in the form of waves in the
form of tissues in the form of organelles in the form of
obstructions in the form of byways in the form of pathways in
the form of conduits in the form of the walls of conduits in the
form of fluids or flows through the conduits. They carry or do
not carry information. They carry debris detritus dirt or they
do not carry these things. They carry clean and proper bodies or
they do not carry clean and proper bodies but carry viruses
prions bacteria bacteriophages acids alkaloids. They are of the
body within the body without the body they interpenetrate the
body. The cybernetics are multiple they are numerous they are
singularities they are waveforms they are spread like platelets
are spread like two dimensional planes that are perforated
permeable or impermeable one-sided or two-sided bounded or
unbounded for the most part they are open planes open on the
sides open on the boundaries. They are open sets. They're open
irregular shapes such as clots or clouds or slime molds or
molds. We think of multiples of cybernetics of which a singular
cybernetic might be a planar object as we have seen above. The
multiplicities are disarming there is no singular cybernetic or
rather no measurable singular cybernetic instead one can
consider it fictitious in a sense or along the lines of a
fractal Dimension which is measured across itself bridging
itself rather than something aligned along a linear geometry or
smooth curve geometry against which a string or a straight ruler
may be placed. The flows are music within me the flows
constitute what music constitutes which is the act of
constituting itself the act of self-constitution. The somatic is
a smear or a spread among whatever might be found within and
without soft tissue the slow learning the consideration, the
careful consideration, the thoughtfulness, the care, the
incisive care, the almost defining here, the almost defining
care with caveats, with lemmas, with infinite or extended
further considerations further things apropos, or appropriate,
or even inappropriate.

I resolved to redeem myself with the inappropriateness of slow
behavior of the consideration of sludge or slurry or something
moving at the speed of lava as it begins to harden into untoward
wayward or inappropriate shapes. So thinking resolves and opens
itself to the cosmos. So the cybernetics become part of the
organism or the organism or the continual unfolding and becoming
of organisms. Embeddings embed themselves. Or rather much like
categories and arrows and objects becoming objects and
categories and arrows in very many ways that ultimately become a
multiple a multitude.


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