[NetBehaviour] something about the sound of the film

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 19 03:28:38 CET 2019

something about the sound of the film


resonates here, among the personnel, Azure Carter,
Jon Woodson, Alan Sondheim (kyizi and rag-dung)

something about an island in the North Sea,
about the mood of things, L'Avventura for example.
and I think Antonioni would have loved the music

or perhaps a silent film with accompaniment
on the other hand I think music from elsewhere,
and the images have no relationship at all

to play the music, the rag-dung bell rests on a table; my left
hand holds the other end against my mouth; my right hand
intermittently strikes the kyizi which revolves on its stand;
when it begins to slow, usually two strikes are enough for the
tone and throbbing effect; playing the rag-dung I attempt to
capture the spirit of the kyizi; I end up with an odd rhythm
that matches it exactly, as the sprockets of a film reveals the
world the film portrays; all is in motion; now and then, all is
here and there

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