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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Early Netscape version .96 1994, notes and early monitors gif

>From the year 2000, standard monitor ikons. You might
have to download this to see the animation.


Netscape .96 folder

go to http://www.alansondheim.org/netscape/

Some data:

955789870ftp://sondheim@panix3.panix.com/	955789884

                            Netscape 0.96 beta (Windows)

Netscape 0.96 (PUBLIC beta version) is free for your personal
use, subject to the terms detailed in the license agreement
accompanying it.

Subject to the timing and results of this beta cycle, Netscape
Communications will release Netscape 1.0, also available free
for personal use via the Internet.  It will be subject to
license terms; please review them when and if you obtain
Netscape 1.0.

A commercial version of Netscape 1.0, including technical
support from Netscape Communications, will be available upon
completion of the beta cycle.

Contact us at info at mcom.com for purchase details.

                 IMPORTANT!  Before going any further, please
                 read and accept the terms in the file LICENSE.

Release notes for this version of Netscape are available online.
After starting the program, select "Version Information" from
the "Help" menu. This will take you to the URL


which lists new features and known problems of this release.

To submit bugs or other feedback, use the "How To Give Feedback"
option, also in the "Help" menu, which will take you to the URL


If for some reason you cannot submit feedback using that form,
you may send email to win_cbug at mcom.com.  Please be as specific
as possible about the version of Netscape you are using, your
hardware configuration, and your operating system (including
version).  If possible, include a test case for the problem,
including a URL.

                           Installation Instructions

      By default, Netscape expects to live in the directory
      c:\netscape.  The easiest way to install Netscape is to
      copy the self extracting executable (ns16-093.exe) to a
      temporary directory. Then using either the File Manager or
      from a DOS prompt extract the setup files by running the
      self extracting executable. The last step is to run the
      Windows Setup program "setup.exe" from the temporary

      The Netscape Setup program will install Netscape in a
      directory of your choice (default of c:\netscape), add a
      Netscape section to your WIN.INI file, and create a Program
      Manager group and item.

      If you don't use the Netscape Setup program and you install
      Netscape in a directory other than c:\netscape you should
      update the following fields in your NETSCAPE.INI file (the
      Netscape Setup program handles this automatically):

                History File=c:\netscape\netscape.hst

                [Bookmark List]
                File Location=c:\netscape\bookmark.htm

                Cache Dir=c:\netscape\cache

                Cookie File=c:\netscape\cookies.txt

      If Netscape cannot write these files (for example, if the
      directory doesn't exist) Netscape will still run; however,
      global history and bookmarks will not be saved between

      No matter where you install Netscape, you should make a
      subdirectory named "cache" or disk caching will be disabled
      (the Netscape Setup program will automatically do this for
      you). By default, Netscape tries to use the directory
      c:\netscape\cache as its disk cache directory. The default
      disk cache size is 5Meg.  Right now, both attributes can
      only be changed by editing the INI file.

* Initialization File The zip file for Netscape contains the
   initialization file netscape.ini, which has entries for all of
   the values you can customize for Netscape.
  If you have never used any other versions of Netscape before,
you should run the setup program.

* Please read the release notes under "Help -> Version

* Yes, this is Mozilla.


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